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New Law Should Limit Disability-Access Litigation in California


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Article New Law Should Limit Disability-Access Litigation in California

Article The Defend Trade Secrets Act Opens Federal Courts To Claims Of Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets

Article NLRB Continues To Eviscerate Workplace Civility Policies In New Handbook Decision

Article Two Rest Breaks Are Better Than One, According To A New California Appellate Court Decision

Article Is Your Online Business Accessible To Persons With Disabilities?

Article Employer Wellness Programs Face Challenges

Article Employers May Be Obligated To Provide Suitable Seating To Employees

Article Employers May Be Required To Provide Reasonable Accommodation To Employees "Associated" With Someone With A Disability

Article San Francisco Delivers New Paid Parental Leave

Article Expanded Reporting Obligations For Private Employers Under DOL's “Persuader” Final Rule

Article No Fooling: New FEHA Regulations Go Into Effect April 1, 2016

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2016

Article A Year In Review: Notable Cases And New Laws For California Employers in 2016

Article SB 358: California Employers Face Tough Equal Pay Law in 2016

Article SB 327 Renders Gerard v. Orange Coast Medical Center Moot

Article A Cloudy End-of-Summer For the Gig Economy: What Does the NLRB's Labor Day Gift Mean?

Article NLRB Imposes Broad New Joint Employer Standard

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2015

Article Significant Cases and New Laws for California Employers in 2015

Article PENSION REFORM UPDATE-Clarification Regarding Switch to Defined Contribution Plans by California Public Employers

Article Governor Signs New Paid Sick Leave Law: Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 [AB 1522]

Article The NLRB General Counsel's Decision To Name McDonald's As A Joint Employer Threatens To Change The Franchise Model – And More

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2014

PDF Significant Cases and Laws for California Employers in 2014

PDF Disability Access Disclosed

Article Attack on Quick Service Restaurants - Escalating Campaign for Increased Minimum Wage and the Pending Fast Food Strike

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2013

PDF Significant National Labor Relations Board Decisions in December 2012

Article Careful With that Dress Code

Article NLRB's Notice Requirement Is Off The Wall

Article Employers Finally Get Practical Advice on Meal Periods and Rest Breaks

Article Ninth Circuit Narrows Computer Fraud and Abuse Act For Employers

PDF New California Labor Laws Create Additional Risks for Trucking and Delivery Companies

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2012

Article NLRB Guidance on Social Media

Article Another Nail in the NLRB's Notice Rule Coffin?

Article New Penalties For Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors

Article Last Chance Agreements

Article NLRB Requires Workplace Notice of Employees' NLRA Rights

Article Overtime for Non-California Residents

Article Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Protecting Intellectual Property

Article What Do You Need To Know About Wal-Mart v. Dukes?

Article On-Duty Employee Seating Poised To Be The New Class Action

Article 9th Circuit Revives Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Employers

Article No Class Actions for Arbitration Agreements?

PDF California Labor and Employment Law Developments for 2010

Article Important Supreme Court Decision on Disability Access Interpretation – Unruh Act Doesn't Require Intentional Discrimination

PDF What Employers Can Expect in 2009

Article A Hiring Tip That Can Keep You Out of Court

Article Splitting Up Meal Breaks: A Bad Idea

PDF Recent California Appellate Court Decision Offers Glimmer of Hope to Employers Attempting to Comply with Meal and Rest Period Requirements

PDF Lanier v. City of Woodburn

PDF Resident Employees Are Not Entitled To Be Paid For Time Spent On Call

PDF California Dreaming: 2008 ADA Amendments Make Federal Law More Like the Republic of California, Where Virtually Every Employee Can Claim a Disability

PDF What Is In Store For Employers In 2008?

PDF Legal Update: Common Wage and Hour Mistakes

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