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New Authority for Public Transportation Agencies to Curb Passenger Misconduct

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Article New Authority for Public Transportation Agencies to Curb Passenger Misconduct

Article VIDEO: California Enacts Privacy Law for Local Agencies: SB 272, Disclosure of Enterprise Systems

Article Infographic: Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Video VIDEO: Legislative Update From The World Of Drones

Video VIDEO: Conflict of Interest Regulations

Video VIDEO: 2015 SWRCB Emergency Regulations for Urban Water Conservation

Article County's Exclusion Of Anti-Israel Bus Advertisement Did Not Violate 1st Amendment

Article New Public Works Requirements for Contractors and Public Agencies Pursuant to SB 854

Article VIDEO: New Legislation That Will Impact Groundwater Management

Article New Case Confirms Competitive Bidding Exception for Lease-Leaseback Projects Award by School Districts

Article Court Finds SWRCB has Jurisdiction over Pre-1914 Water Rights and Defines Forfeiture Standard

Article VIDEO: Upcoming Election - What can a public agency do?

Article VIDEO: New Emergency Regulation for Water Conservation - The Mandatory Actions by Suppliers

Article VIDEO: Leasing Issues to Consider with Communications Companies

Article Sour Grapes: A Potential Prelude to Water Rights Curtailment

Article VIDEO: Requirements of Proposition 218 for Retail Water Agencies

Article VIDEO: Public Records Act: Use of Personal Smart Phones and Computers

Article Local Regulation of Commercial Drones: The Next Frontier

Article Public Entities Risk Losing Design Immunity Where They Fail to Present Evidence Of Discretionary Approval Of A Design

Article VIDEO: Brown Act Teleconference Requirements

Article New Brown Act Reporting Requirements

Article VIDEO: Procedural Requirements for Declaring Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Restrictions

PDF Appeals Court Clarifies Proposition 218 Requirements for Property Fees

Article California Water Action Plan Finalized Amidst Historic Drought Conditions

PDF The Court of Appeal Holds Groundwater Augmentation Charges Fees for Water Services Under Proposition 218 and Provides Much-Needed Guidance on Several Related Issues

PDF California Supreme Court Clears Way for Class Challenges to Local Taxes and Fees: McWilliams v. City of Long Beach

Article Court of Appeal Allows Reverse California Public Records Act Lawsuit

Article Executive Compensation and Brown Act Requirements

Article IRS Town Hall Meeting on Definition of Government Agencies and Government Retirement Plans

PDF Governor’s Pension Reform Bill and Constitutional Amendment Proposed February 2, 2012

PDF Proposed Determination of Governmental Plan Status

Article New Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2012

Article California Attorney General Provides Brown Act Guidance on Tours of Facilities

PDF New IRS Proposal on What Is a Government Agency and Government Retirement Plan

PDF Groundbreaking Development in Future of P3s in California

PDF Non-Capital Expenses May Not Qualify as a "Special Benefit" Under Prop 218

Article Declaring a State of Emergency: What You Need to Know

PDF Design-Build is Gaining Traction in the Public Sector

Article Fighting for Our Transit Clients—Darensburg et al. v. MTC

PDF Which Comes First, the Compensation or the Fees?

PDF Ruling Affects Additional Insured Coverage for Public Entities

PDF Land Use Alert: California Supreme Court Decides 30 Day Statute Of Limitations Applies To Determination That No Environmental Review Is Required Under CEQA

PDF Water Law Alert: California Court of Appeal Reaffirms Traditional Common Law Formula For Determining Boundary Lines Between Littoral Land Owners

PDF Water Law Alert: Nevada Supreme Court Remands Water Applications That Were Pending Without Action For Longer Than The One Year Statuary Period

PDF Transit Agency Not Liable for ADA Violations When It Complies with DOT ADA Regulations

PDF The ABC's of PPP's: The Basics Regarding Public-Private Partnerships

PDF Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program for Government Entities

Video High Speed Rail: Who Knows Where or When?

PDF SB 343 New Brown Act Requirement—Availability Of Public Records Distributed Before Meetings

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