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Candice Shih

Highlights from Our Pro Bono Work

Members of Hanson Bridgett’s legal staff contribute thousands of hours to pro bono work each year. Here is a sampling of some of the many ways in which their recent efforts have helped improve lives in our local communities.

  • Secured asylum for a Muslim woman who defied traditional cultural, social, and religious norms because she believes that women should be able to move freely about her society.

  • Partnered with OneJustice to provide access to legal advice to underserved Californians in an isolated community via the Justice Bus®. Read more here.

  • Secured asylum for a young Christian woman from Kenya who was persecuted because she refused to undergo the traditional ritual of female circumcision.
  • Helped a group of artists and one merchant purchase a sizable commercial building, preserving a valuable resource for the San Francisco arts community by saving 6 beautiful artist studios and a local bakery that have together been serving the community for more than 30 years.
  • Defended a disabled man against untruthful assertions in two debt collection proceedings, which resulted in sanctions against the debt collector’s attorneys.
  • Helped a mentally disabled, HIV positive Burmese refugee, who had been tortured in Burmese prison camps, gain U.S. Citizenship. Enabling him to continue to receive critical medical care and essential medications.
  • Prevented a family of five with young children from losing their home due to false accusations by their landlord.
  • Represented client at Mandatory Settlement Conference and successfully negotiated forgiveness of back rent due to habitability issues, and extended move-out time to a new residence where the client’s situation would be improved.

Pro Bono Spotlight

We represented leading behavioral economists as amicus curiae in the U.S. Supreme Court. In Expressions Hair Design v. Schneiderman, a group of merchants challenged state laws that prohibit credit-card surcharges, but permit cash discounts. The plaintiffs claim this is a regulation of speech limited by the First Amendment. As our clients’ research demonstrates, there is no difference between credit surcharges and cash discounts in purely economic terms, but framing the price differential as a surcharge is more likely to deter credit use than raising sticker prices and offering a cash discount. Consistently, the Court ruled unanimously that New York’s law regulates speech and must comport with First Amendment scrutiny.

Primary Contacts

Candice Shih
Pro Bono Committee Chair

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Ann Mary Olson
Pro Bono Committee Vice-Chair

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Jennifer Yazdi
Pro Bono Committee Vice-Chair

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Pro Bono Committee

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