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Hanson Bridgett LLP Sponsors Innovative "Structure Lab" (October 23, 2009) 

Proactive Legal Structuring Prepares Social Entrepreneurs for the Future 

October 23, 2009 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - Hanson Bridgett LLP, a San Francisco based law firm has sponsored Criterion Ventures' 2009-10 "Structure Lab", a new workshop that helps social enterprises proactively protect their mission and values. 

Traditionally, social entrepreneurs had to establish themselves as a non-profit or for-profit entity; constructs that alone don't address the broad needs of innovative enterprises. Over the last decade creative designers of social ventures have explored and innovated to create a much wider variety of legal structures for entrepreneurs to use in order to bring their vision for social change to life. 

Criterion Ventures has synthesized this exploration and created a hands-on workshop that draws the aspiring social entrepreneur through an exploration of the various enterprise considerations. Hanson Bridgett sponsorship brings this expertise to the Bay Area's social venture sector, with the first workshop scheduled for November 4, 2009. 

"We are proud to partner with Criterion Ventures because their commitment to creating social impact fits squarely with our own" said Teresa Pahl, Hanson Bridgett Partner and Head of the Firm's Business and Corporate Section. "At Hanson Bridgett, we place the highest value on the interests of our clients, our employees, the communities in which we work and live, and the environment. By helping our clients succeed, we are not only fulfilling our responsibility as lawyers; we are doing our part to create a more sustainable world." 

Criterion Ventures (www.CriterionVentures.com) is among the nation's leaders in designing and launching social enterprises, and has, over the past three years, developed expertise in creatively structuring social ventures. "We are thrilled to partner with Hanson Bridgett in this new discipline of alternative legal structure" said Joy Anderson, founder and president of Criterion Ventures. "Every venture poses a different mix, from the raising of capital, to the desired financial returns, to governance, relationships with existing entities, exit strategies, and tax implications. We're seeing demand from a broad range of enterprises and we look forward to working with Bay Area based entrepreneurs to weave protections through legal structure and ensure their mission survives." 

Workshops will run though the fall of 2010; interested participants can contact Criterion Ventures for registration information. Private workshops are also available for individuals, organizations or as part of a package for large networks. 

About Hanson Bridgett LLP 

A law firm established in 1958, Hanson Bridgett is one of Northern California's mainstays. Our clients range from multinational Fortune 500 corporations to individuals, including a number of public agencies in California. We understand our clients' businesses and practice law in a way that reflects that understanding. Hanson Bridgett has over 150 attorneys located in offices in San Francisco, the North Bay, Sacramento and the Silicon Valley. 

About Criterion Ventures 

Criterion Ventures identifies, examines and solves social problems on a large scale by launching social ventures - either for clients, or on our own. Criterion works across discipline and sector with large nonprofits, faith-based institutions, foundations and individuals to develop sustainable, business driven solutions in areas like impact investing, healthcare, education, energy and the environment, poverty and more. Criterion brings to this work a wealth of connections, the methodology and savvy to navigate complexity, and a commitment to creating social impact. To learn more: www.criterionventures.com. 

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Hanson Bridgett is a law firm with more than 150 attorneys in offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, the North Bay, Silicon Valley and the East Bay. Serving clients since 1958, we are well known in Northern California and have earned a national reputation in many of our practice areas.

Our diverse client list includes large national and global companies as well as many governmental entities, regional businesses and individuals. While we keep true to our California roots, our work increasingly takes us across state and national borders.

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