Business Disruption Strategies

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Business Disruption Strategies
Business Disruption Strategies
Natalie Wilson
Teresa Pahl

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and turmoil in the capital markets, supply chains, service industries, retail world, health industry, travel industry, and overall business environment, there is no “business as usual.” Individuals and businesses need guidance in addressing the many unique and complex issues that have suddenly arisen as a result of enforced business shutdowns and “shelter-at-home” directives, as well as all of the new legislation, including the stimulus package. They find themselves trying to understand how to interpret contract terms in light of these changing circumstances and determine their rights, obligations, and remedies. The attorneys of the Hanson Bridgett Business Disruption Strategies Group have extensive experience analyzing, interpreting, drafting, enforcing, and negotiating solutions within the context of commercial and real estate contracts. We have experience with the issues unique to an early-stage start-up business and its founder(s) as well as the multiple complex issues that large established companies face in dealing with issues associated with their workforce, bankers, vendors, suppliers, customers, brand, and reputation. Our combined experience guarantees that the Business Disruption Strategies Group attorneys will efficiently and effectively provide you and your business with the guidance necessary to stay in front of the quickly changing business environment we are all facing as we collectively work to contain and minimize the effects of COVID-19 on our families, companies, employees, business associates, customers, suppliers, and lenders.

We advise businesses in virtually all industries and sectors in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Real estate
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset dispositions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Privacy
  • Labor and employment law
  • Employee benefits
  • Equity and debt finance
  • Tax
  • Securities
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Workforce health and health care.