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Pay-to-Play Restrictions Expanded in 2023

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Article Pay-to-Play Restrictions Expanded in 2023

Article IRS Issues 2023 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Pandemic-Era Extensions for Presenting Government Claims to Public Entity Defendants Expired on October 27, 2022

Article The California Court of Appeal Issues Key Ruling Clarifying Procedural Deadlines for Motions to Compel Under the Civil Discovery Act

Article Governor Plans to Lift COVID-19 State of Emergency, Limiting Agencies’ Ability to Meet Remotely

PDF Presentation Materials: Appellate Specialist Presentation - October 13, 2022

Article AB 2647: Sharing Documents with the Board of Directors

Article AB 890's Independent Nurse Practitioner and the Medical Staff

Article Weed And The Workplace: California’s New Law Protecting Employee Cannabis Use

Article Governor Signs AB 2449: The Latest Development to the Brown Act in a Post-Pandemic World

Article State Water Board Lacks Power to Curtail Pre-1914 Water Rights under Water Code, § 1052(a)

Article Court of Appeal Rules An Elected Sheriff's Personnel Records May Be Discoverable Through A Public Records Act Request

Article California Supreme Court Allows Challenge to Oakland’s Franchise Fee

Article HCD Reviews Coastal Height Limits

Article IRS Relief for Taxpayers with Delinquent Information Returns

Article The Importance of 83(b) Elections for Qualified Small Business Stock

Article 2022 Mid-Year Labor & Employment Seminar On-Demand Video

Article California Court Reaffirms that Litigation Threat Letters Should be Treated as Claims Under the Government Claims Act

Article New Case Confirms Co-Tenancy Clauses Are Generally Enforceable

Article American Axle: Prolonging the Controversy

Article California's Pass-through Entity Tax Election – Providing Relief From The SALT Deduction Cap

Article U.S. Supreme Court Finds That Individual PAGA Claims Can Be Compelled To Arbitration

Article Interactive Guide to Qualified Trades or Businesses for QSBS Qualification

Article The Biden Administration Proposes Changing the Water Quality Certification Review Process for Federally Permitted Projects

Article Enforcing NDAs in International Transactions

PDF California Law Doesn't Allow Food Waste To Go Into Landfills, But Few Know About It

Article Update on California's Latest Extension of COVID-19 Tenant Protections

Article City of Salinas' Ordinance Violates Federal Religious Land Use Protections Because it Treats Theaters and Places of Religious Assembly Differently

Article New Masking Guidance for California Employers

Article California Indoor Mask Mandate Update

Article California Re-Issues 80 Hours of COVID-19 Sick Leave Mandates – SB 114

Article CMS Updates Skilled Nursing Survey Process to Cover Mandatory Staff Vaccination Requirements

Article Something to Prove on Proof of Stake: Plaintiffs in Jarrett Reject IRS Refund on Taxed Tokens

Article Two New California Laws Expand Regulation of Greenwashing Claims

Article California Law Now Allows More Professionals to Qualify for the Infection Preventionist Role in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Article Inadequate Government Claims Act Notice Sinks Proposition 218 Water Rate Challenge

Article Skilled Nursing Facility Weekend Staffing Level and Staff Turnover Rates Made Public by CMS

Article The 'Pokemon' Case – Court Upholds Termination Based on Unintentional In-Car Dash Cam Recording of Peace Officers Hunting a Snorlax

Article Old East Davis Decision Preserves the Deference Granted to Cities in Interpreting Subjective Standards

Article IRS Draws a Line in the Sand for QSBS Qualification

Article Form W-2 Reporting Requirement for COVID-Related Paid Leave Could Apply to Governmental Employers This Year

Article Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Requirements for COVID-19-Related Absences

Article Army Corps Finalizes New Clean Water Act Nationwide Permits That May Benefit Infrastructure Projects

Article Changes to Employer Health Coverage Reporting Under the ACA

Article New CDPH Recommendations and Revisions to Cal/OSHA's COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards in Effect on January 14

Article New California Court of Appeal Decision Upholds Decisions Made By County Retirement System During Great Recession

Article California’s AB 45 Opens the Door to Manufacture and Sale of Industrial Hemp Products

Article California Department of Justice Announces Housing Strike Force

Article New Law Shifts Liability for Certain CalPERS Benefit Overpayments to Employers

Article Additional Law Enforcement Reform Amendments, Expansions, and Changes Signed Into Law by Governor

Article Raising the Stakes on Crypto Compliance: Infrastructure Bill Imposes Felony Charges for Digital Asset Reporting Failures

Article IRS Issues 2022 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article U.S. Supreme Court Permits Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Program To Proceed Without Religious Exemption, But EEOC Continues the Exemption In Latest Guidance

Article 2021 Legislative Update #2: Additional Wins for Housing Advocates, Some Losses

Article 2021 Legislative Update: Housing Advocates Score Key Wins

Article New Law Requires Certification of Medical Directors in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Imposes New Reporting Requirements

Article Brown Act in a Time of Pandemic: the Governor Vetoes AB 339

Article California Signs Police Reform Legislation Into Law

Article AB 701 Continues the Recent Trend in California to Regulate Warehouse Distribution Centers

Article New Law Protects Water/Wastewater Sector by Limiting Rate Challenges

Article New Legislation Addresses Brown Act Teleconferencing Requirements

Article Housing Law Shows its Teeth: Another Win for Objective Standards

Article California Privacy Rights Act – What's Next?

Article An In-Depth Look at the Oakland A's Proposed New Stadium Project

Article California Legislature Takes Aim at Brown Act Teleconferencing Requirements

Article Five Points to Negotiate in a 'Black Box' Product Development Agreement

Article A Recent Ruling Involving Unlined Landfills Highlights the Pitfalls of Relying on Categorical Exemptions under CEQA

Article Ninth Circuit Upholds 'Significant Nexus' Test for Federal Permitting of Wetlands Projects

Article The Freeze Partnership: An Estate Tax Technique For Real Estate and Other Appreciated or Leveraged Assets

Article Stop Syar Expansion Decision Demonstrates the Uphill Battle for CEQA Plaintiffs

Article Busker v. Wabtec – California Supreme Court Rules That On-Board Work Is Not Public Works

Article From Coders to Brokers: New Proposed 1099-B Reporting for Crypto Miners and Software Developers

Article AB 819 Modernizes CEQA Guidelines to Promote Access to Project Information Online

Article New Monetary Penalties for Some Skilled Nursing Transfers, Discharges, and Readmissions

Article California Court of Appeal Issues Rare Interpretation of Policy Designed to Mitigate the Effects of Coastal Erosion

Article Recent Court of Appeal Decision Confirms that CEQA Statutes of Limitations Cannot be Extended Without a Project Proponent’s Consent

Article A Draft Technical Advisory Offers Guidance on Streamlining CEQA Review for Sustainable Transportation

Article CA Supreme Court Ruling on Meal and Rest Premium Pay Will Force Employers to Take Action

Article California Legislation Extends Protections for Tenants Experiencing COVID-19-Related Financial Distress; Broadens Financial Assistance for Eligible Landlords and Tenants

Article Termination of Governor's COVID Stay-at-Home Order Triggers Review of Rehired Public Sector Retirees

Article Third Time's A Charm: Cal/OSHA Standards Board Passes Revisions To Its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard After Two Aborted Attempts

Article Important Update to the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards

Article Labor & Employment Mid-Year Update for 2021

Article Cal/OSHA Passes Revisions to its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards

Article 2021 Employee Benefits Plan Fiduciaries Training

Article Biden Tax Changes Preserve QSBS Benefits: and Make the Exclusion More Valuable

Article EEOC Issues May 28 Updated FAQs For Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

Article Proposed Farm Workforce Modernization Act Holds Promise for Immigrant Farmworkers

Article Biden Signs FASTER Act; Sesame Becomes 9th Major Food Allergen Requiring Mandatory Food Labeling Disclosures

Article Court of Appeal Issues First Published Opinion Interpreting California Senate Bill 35 Streamlining Provisions

Article New State Guidelines Clarify When Leases of Local Agency-Owned Land are Subject to the Surplus Land Act

Article New Favorable Qualified Small Business Stock Guidance for Fintechs and Insurtechs

Article Preliminary Injunction Puts the Freeze on New Proposition 65 Lawsuits for Acrylamide in Food

Article Supreme Court Expands Scope of 'Public Works' Definition — Contract Employees Performing Operations Work are Covered by Prevailing Wage Laws

Article Court of Appeal Finds Overlying Correlative Rights Do Not Have to Share Equally in Water Shortages

Article California Employers Face New COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Requirement

Article B Corp Makes Good Business Sense

Article California Supreme Court Prohibits Rounding for Meal Periods

Article San Francisco Court Declines to Halt Enforcement of Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard Regulations

Article The End of the Line for Exclusionary Zoning: Berkeley Set to Make its Move

Article 2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update

Article California Extends COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium; Provides Financial Assistance for Eligible Landlords and Tenants

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2021

Article Court Finds in Favor of Restaurants Seeking Coverage for Loss of Business Income

Article California Proposes Significant Change to Limit Use of Short-Form Proposition 65 Warning For Consumer Products

Article IRS Reverses Position on Deductibility of Paycheck Protection Program Loan Expenses

Article New Payroll Tax Credit Available in 2021 for Public Colleges, Universities and Governmental Healthcare Entities – Q&A

Article COVID-19 Legislation: New Paycheck Protection Program Loan Rules Allow Second Round Funding and Deductibility of Expenses Paid with Forgivable Loan Proceeds

Article San Francisco Imposes Quarantine on Travelers and Commuters from Outside the Bay Area with Two Exceptions for Construction Workers

Article NEPA in the Ninth Circuit: A Rare Look at Impacts to Redwood Forests and "Downstream" Carbon Emissions

Article Open Sesame! FDA Draft Guidance and Proposed FASTER Act Open Door to Regulation of Sesame as a Major Food Allergen

Article Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Issues Updated Guidance for Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

Article Parent-Child Exclusions from Property Tax Reassessment Fundamentally Changed by Proposition 19

Article Cal/OSHA Issues FAQ Guidance Regarding Its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

Article California Consumer Privacy Act 2.0 – What You Need to Know

Article Reconciling the Gig Economy in California: Changes to Worker Classification Laws Since AB 5

Article California's Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board Passes an Extensive COVID-19 Emergency Regulation Regarding The Spread Of COVID-19 In Workplaces

Article IRS Issues 2021 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article When Sugars are Not Counted as Sugars: FDA Clarifies Nutrition Facts Labeling Requirements for Allulose

Article New California Employment Laws for 2021

Article Reviewing an ADA Case Involving a Ship, Ninth Circuit Puts Burden on Plaintiff to Show Removing Barrier is Readily Achievable

Article New California Family Rights Act: State Family Care and Medical Leave Expanded

Article New California Law Imposes Additional Infection Preventionist and Reporting Requirements on Skilled Nursing Facilities

Article IRS Finalizes Default Withholding Rules for Periodic Retirement and Annuity Payments

Article California’s Prohibition on Arbitration Agreements in Residential Leases is Extended to Continuing Care Contracts

Article FDA Will Be Flexible in Enforcing New Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labeling Requirements for Small Food Manufacturers

Article The Brown Act Finally Meets Social Media

Article New Bill Expands Cal/OSHA Enforcement Rules Over COVID-19 Related Illnesses For All Employers

Article California's New Supplemental COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Law

Article California Legislature Passes Bill to Maximize Creation of Public Transportation Infrastructure

Article Long-Term Care Facility COVID-19 Testing Requirements and Revised COVID-19 Focused Survey Tool

Article Private Pay Assisted Living Providers Are Eligible for HHS Provider Relief Payments – But Only Briefly

Article New California and Federal Moratoria on Evictions Based on Non-payment

Article Supreme Court of California Weighs In on Blanket Categorization of Well Construction Permit Approvals as Ministerial

Article Temporary Relief For CA Businesses From The CCPA: Employee and B2B Exemptions Extended Another Year

Article FDA Publishes Final Rule on Gluten-Free Labeling of Fermented or Hydrolyzed Foods

Article IRS Issues Last-Minute Guidance on Deferral of Employees' Social Security Withholding

Article Accredited Investors: Wealth Is No Longer the Sole Proxy for Financial Sophistication

Article Senior Living Communities Eligible for PREP Act Protection

Article Judicial Council of California Votes to End Statewide Judicial Restrictions on Evictions

Article New York Federal District Judge Rejects Key Aspects of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Article Court of Appeal Clarifies Rules for Retaining Emails That are Included in CEQA Records

Article Supreme Court Rules Referendum Process Cannot Be Used to Challenge Water Rates

PDF Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Article California Supreme Court Upholds Pension Reform Changes As Constitutional

Article California Issues New COVID-19 Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening

Article DOL Issues Proposed Rule on ESG Investing

Article IRS Provides Rules for W-2 Reporting of COVID Paid Leaves

Article DOL Issues New Proposed Fiduciary Rule

Article CEQ Final Rule for Federal Agencies Implementing NEPA

Article IRS Issues Guidance on 2020 Waiver of Required Minimum Distributions

Article Main Street Lending Program Now Open for Nonprofits

Article Governor's Executive Order Extends Deadlines For FQHCs And DHCS In The Audit And Appeals Process During The COVID-19 State of Emergency

Video Top 10 Tips for Virtual Brown Act Meetings

Article California Appellate Court Affirms Medi-Cal’s Obligation To Pay FQHCs 100% Of Their Reasonable Costs

Article Last Chance for ACA-Related Protective Refund Claims for 2016

Article IRS Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Leave-Based Donation Programs

Article Court of Appeal Upholds State Board’s Broad Power to Regulate Riparian and Pre-1914 Appropriative Water Rights to Protect Threatened Fish

Article The California Court of Appeal Issues Landmark Local Government Finance Decisions

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2020

Article IRS Issues CARES Act Guidance for Retirement Plans

Article Catching Up To California: The U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Title VII Protects Gay and Transgender Applicants and Employees

Article Opening the Golden Door: The Fourth District Shines a Light on CEQA Compliant Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Article Repricing Underwater Stock Options

Article IRS Clarifies Eligible Like-Kind Property Under Proposed Section 1031 Regulations

Article Negotiating VC Term Sheets in a Recession

Article COVID Relief for Qualified Opportunity Funds

Article Federal Reserve Continues to Revise Main Street Lending Program

Article More Flexibility for PPP Loans Under New Legislation

Article CEQA Reform in the COVID Era? The California Senate Housing Production Package Moves Forward

Article First Group of COVID-19 Cases Filed in California Federal and State Courts Includes Class and Individual Claims Brought On A Variety of Grounds

Article Judicial Council Revises Its Deadline for Tolling Civil Statutes of Limitations, Including for CEQA Actions

Article Companies Can Bank On Continued U.S. EPA Enforcement Against Unregistered Pesticide Products

Article Email Option Added to Final Electronic Disclosure Rule for Retirement Plans

Article Recent Recusal Cases Reveal Pitfalls for Land Use Practitioners

Article CDPH Requires all California Skilled Nursing Facilities to Submit 'COVID-19 Mitigation Plan' Creating New Documentation Concerns

Article IRS Issues Cafeteria Plan Relief to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

Article Employee Benefit Plan Deadlines Extended Due to COVID-19

Article Relief for Employee Benefit Plan Fiduciaries Due to COVID-19

Article CMS-Mandated COVID-19 Reporting Requirements and Enforcement Actions Coming for Skilled Nursing

Article Project Approved Pursuant to SB 35 Streamlining Procedures Survives Court Challenge

Article A Role for Water Treatment Systems in Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic

Article Bay Area Counties Issue New Orders Permitting Construction to Resume with Conditions

Article No Deduction for You

Article New Bay Area Shelter-in-Place Orders Allow for the Resumption of Environmental Site Remediation and Agricultural Operations

Article California Superior Court's Application of SB 35 to Los Altos Development Project Provides Encouragement to Housing Proponents

Article EPA Makes Good on Promise to Crack Down on Sham COVID-19 Cleaners and Disinfectants

Article Montana District Court Decision Invalidates Army Corps Nationwide Permit 12 Impacting Thousands of Ongoing and Planned Utility Projects Throughout the Country

Article Recent Changes to CEQA-Related Procedures from COVID-19

Article CARES Act Update: New SBA Guidance on PPP Loan 'Necessity'

Article Ready to Return to Work? Perhaps Not – San Francisco Temporarily Expands Paid Leave for Employees Impacted by COVID-19

Article Uncertainty on Maui: How Will Functional Equivalence Work in the Real World?

Article New Orders from 6 Bay Area Counties Require Face Coverings to be Worn During Work in Most Circumstances

Article San Francisco Extends Commercial Eviction Moratorium

Article A Pandemic Upsets Supply Chains as Proposition 65 Enforcement Soars and New Regulations Take Effect

Article Top Ten Signals That Your Company is or May be a Candidate for Bankruptcy

Article Construction of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly to Continue in Santa Clara County

Article Privacy Alert: Zoom or Not to Zoom?

Article Public Works Projects in the Bay Area May Proceed Under COVID-19 Orders

Article SBA Issues Guidance on PPP Loans for Law, Accounting, and Other Service Partnerships

Article EPA Promises Crackdown on Sham COVID-19 Cleaners and Disinfectants

Article Eviction Guidance for California Senior Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Article New EPA Guidance for Site Field Work Decisions Impacted by COVID-19

Article The Main Street Lending Program: How it Works and Who is it For?

Article Guidelines for Construction Owners Responding to COVID-19

Article New Guidance Released Regarding Carryback of Net Operating Losses Under the CARES Act

Article Owner Alert: Recent Guidance on the CARES Act Offers Hope for Modification of Distressed Construction Loans

Article Change in Federal Law: Losing the ´Stretch´

Article Employers Need to Check for Local COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Article IRS Allows Amended Partnership Returns for Bonus Depreciation and Other CARES Act Changes

Article Protecting Employees on the Front Lines: Interim Cal/OSHA Guidance for Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities

Article PPP Loans Coming for Independent Contractors and Self-Employed Individuals

Article Court Clarifies Mitigation Needs for Buried Artifacts, Plants, and Trees

Article Workouts and Restructurings in the COVID Era

Article CARES Act Extends Certain Bankruptcy Provisions to Expanded Group of Small Businesses

Article Governor's Executive Order N-42-20 Restricts the Ability of Water Service Providers to Shut Off Water Service

Article Paycheck Protection Program Loans – Affiliation Rules Updated

Article Takings Challenge Against San Francisco’s Expedited Conversion Program Dismissed as Unripe

Article Can Qualified Small Businesses Get a PPP Loan under the CARES Act?

Article COVID-19 Related Employee Benefits Issues for Governmental Employers

Article Guidelines for Contractors Responding to COVID-19

Article Requesting Rent Abatement: A Practical Approach During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Article COVID-19 Emergency Paid Leave and Other Leave-Related Benefits

Article COVID-19: Top Ten Issues for Employers Considering Layoffs, Furloughs or Reduction in Hours

Article IRS Form Released for Advance Payments of COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits

Article UPDATED: IRS and DOL Issue COVID-19 Related Tax Credit Guidance

Article Bay Area Counties Further Restrict Construction, Extend Shelter-in-Place Orders Until May 3, 2020

Article California Property Tax Payments and COVID-19

Article CEQA Update: No Change to Administrative Deadlines, Noticing, or Filing Requirements Following Governor Newsom's 'Stay at Home' Order

Article UPDATE: CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Loans and Eligibility for Loan Forgiveness

Article COVID-19 and CCPA: No Delay in Enforcement

Article CARES Act – Important Changes to 401k or other Retirement Plans

Article FPPC Extends Deadline for Form 700 Filings to June 1, 2020

Article Group Health Plan and Cafeteria Plan Issues Related to COVID-19

Article Newsom Temporarily Bans Evictions of Residential Tenant’s Impacted by COVID-19

Article Planning for and Negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions In Light of COVID-19

Article The CARES Act Increases Unemployment Compensation Coverage and the DOL Clarifies Exemptions to the FFCRA

Article U.S. EPA’s Temporary Enforcement Policy Provides Needed Guidance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Article UPDATED: Additional Payroll Tax Credits for Small and Large Employers Under the CARES Act

Article CARES Act: Paycheck Protection Loans and Eligibility for Loan Forgiveness

Article CARES Loans Come With "Union Neutrality" Price Tag

Article Modifications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 in the CARES Act

Article The Force of Force Majeure in Supply Chain Contracts

Article Employee Benefits Questions and Answers Related to COVID-19

Article IRS and DOL Issue COVID-19 Related Tax Credit Guidance

Article Complying with Environmental Requirements During COVID-19

Article Risk Management Advisory: Considerations for Engineers in Responding to COVID-19

Article Governor's Office Designates Cannabis an Essential Business

Article Executive Order Relaxes Brown Act Requirements Further

Article Governor Newsom’s 'Stay at Home' Order Allows Construction to Continue, but Many Cities and Counties are Banning Most Construction

Article Tax Day Extended to July 15 – Now Matches Payment Deadline

Article COVID-19 Considerations for Landlords & Property Managers

Article Employer Notice: Families First Coronavirus Response Act Becomes Law

Article Force Majeure and Other Contract Performance Defenses In The Face Of COVID-19

Article Labor & Employment Webinar: Coronavirus Key Issues for Employers

Article Newsom Order Facilitates Local COVID-19 Eviction Restrictions

Article Notice to Employers: California WARN Act Notice Requirements Suspended

Article UPDATED: Important Shelter-in-Place Exceptions for Some Construction Activities

Article Employer’s Notification Requirements of Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Article Shelter-in-Place Implications for Cannabis Dispensaries

Article The IRS and FTB Delay Tax Deadlines by Up To 90 Days

Article Shelter-in-Place Implications for Bay Area Development Projects

Article What The California Supreme Court’s Kim v. Reins International California, Inc. Decision Tells Us About Settling PAGA Claims

Article Business Interruption Insurance May Cover Losses Related to Coronavirus

Article California Employment Development Program Provisions Relating to COVID-19

Article California Governor's Executive Order to Utilize Hotels for Emergency Purposes

Article COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Considerations for Private Lenders

Article H.R. 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Article San Francisco Offers Relief to Local Small Businesses in Response to COVID-19

Article COVID-19 Employer Requirements for Reporting & Recordkeeping Under California OSHA

Article COVID-19 Resource Center

Article Newsom’s Executive Order on COVID-19 Loosens Teleconference Rules for Public Meetings under the Brown Act and Bagley-Keene Act

Article Obligations of Board of Directors in Light of COVID-19 Restrictions

Article Workplace Safety and COVID-19: California and Federal OSHA Issue Employer Guidelines

Article New Federal Law Requires PFAS Users to Report to EPA

PDF Webinar Materials: Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Strategies

Article Ignorance Is Bliss (If You Are an ERISA Plaintiff)

Article Coronavirus Preparedness and Response for Senior Living Communities

Article Frlekin v. Apple: Employees Must Be Compensated for Time Spent Undergoing Exit Searches

Article New PFAS Regulations Work Dramatic Changes to California's Drinking Water Supplies — With More Changes Likely to Follow

Video 2020 Employee Benefits Webinars

Article CFIUS: Final Foreign Investment Regulations Implement 2018 Law

Article Sex Trafficking Laws: Hospitality, Privacy and Potential Liability – What Happens in That Hotel Room...Matters.

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2020

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2020

Article Updates to CEQA Technical Advisories on Disaster Response and Housing

Article ISO and ESPP Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Employers

Article Website Accessibility Lawsuits Continue to Trend Up

Article Applying for a Business License in 2020? You May Need to Consider Your Water Quality Impacts

Article Final Opportunity Zone Regulations Released

Article Retirement Plan Changes and “Cadillac Tax” Repeal Included in Domestic Appropriations Package

Article Under New California Law, Health Care Entities Must Promptly Report Allegations of Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct to Licensing Boards

Article California Individual Mandate for Health Coverage Takes Effect in 2020

Article Disgorgement: A Longstanding SEC Weapon, Now Under Attack

Article Four Weeks to California Consumer Privacy Act: Are You Ready?

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees Under the ACA, but Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article “Text Me?” Proposed Electronic Disclosure Rule Would Allow Greater Flexibility for Retirement Plans

Article New California Employment Laws for 2020

Article CalPERS Issues Guidance on Uniform Allowance Reporting

Article IRS Issues 2020 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Issues New Guidance on Cryptocurrency: Hard Forks and Other Utensils Are Taxable

Article Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash Attempt a U-Turn on AB 5 via New Ballot Initiative

Article 2019 New California Laws Impacting Cannabis Businesses

Article Good Tax News for the Cannabis Industry: California Repeals 280E Limitation for Personal Income Tax

Article IRS Finalizes New Hardship Distribution Rules for 401(k) and 403(b) Plans

Article IRS Issues Guidance on Uncashed Distribution Checks

Article IRS Form 1099-K Payment Reporting Under California AB 5

Article Recent California Court of Appeal Decisions Highlight Importance of Process and Need for Signature of Authorized Individual to Secure Binding Arbitration Agreement

Article Update on Epple: California's "New" Procedure for Providing Medical Interventions Requiring Informed Consent to SNF Residents Who Lack Both Capacity and a Legal Representative

Article Court Upholds Plan Administrator's Interpretation in Recent ERISA Case

Article Insurers Beware: California’s Notice-Prejudice Rule Is a “Fundamental Public Policy”

Article Recent Increase in IRS Enforcement of ACA Reporting Penalties

Article Coping with COPA – New San Francisco Law Requires Owners of Certain Apartment Buildings to Offer to Sell to Nonprofits

Article CalSavers State-Sponsored Retirement Plan Has Officially Launched

Article CalPERS Announces New Fees for Section 218 Agreements

Article New Regulations for Binding Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements with Long-Term Care Residents

Article California Supreme Court Potentially Slows Down the Expansion of the Legal Cannabis Market

Article New Timing Requirements for Certain California Eviction Actions Take Effect September 1

Article The IRS is Coming for Your Cryptocurrency

Article Bureau of Cannabis Control Publishes New Distributor Fact Sheets

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2019

Article Employers May Offer Two New Types of Health Reimbursement Arrangements in 2020

Article California Appellate Court Reverses Trial Court and Confirms Insurer's Duty to Defend Additional-Insured General Contractor, Despite Seemingly Broad Exclusion

Article Governor Newsom Signs AB 97 to Extend Provisional Licenses and Add Enforcement and Organic Certification to California Cannabis Market

Article Governor Newsom Signs AB 97 to Extend Provisional Licenses and Add Enforcement and Organic Certification to California Cannabis Market

PDF 11 Easy Steps to Start a Cannabis Business Entity in California*

Article California Appellate Court Affirms Large Punitive Damages Award Against Insurer

Article Ninth Circuit Rules ERISA Pension Plan Must Pay Survivor Benefits to Registered Domestic Partner

Article A Compendium of Qualified Opportunity Zone Proposed Regulations:

Article Court Strikes Down Alameda Impact Fees in Boatworks, LLC v. City of Alameda

Article New IRS Rules Allow Retirement Plan Sponsors to Self-Correct Broader Range of Plan Failures

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Jennifer Marie Martinez

Article Successor Employers Acquiring Unionized Workforces Benefit From NLRB Decision

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Brian Schnarr

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Anita Zerounian

Article DRE Implements Petition Process for Removing Discipline Information from Website

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Liz Masson

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Jillian Somers Donovan

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Emily Charley

Article California Supreme Court Rules No Vested Right to Airtime Purchases; Leaves California Rule Intact

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Michelle Akerman

Article Proposed Bill Would Increase Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facility Citations and Penalties

Article California Court Rules That "Reporting Time Pay" Owed Even If Employees Are Not Required to Physically Report To Work

Video 2019 Employee Benefits Webinars

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2019

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2019

Article California Assisted Living Regulation Catches Up with Statute Regarding Evictions for Change of Use of Facility

Article IRS Issues Proposed Regulations to Relax 401(k) Plan Hardship Distribution Rules

Article SB 50: As Housing Crisis Continues, Senator Weiner Announces Revised Upzoning Legislation

Article Trump Administration's Clean Water Act Proposal Will Affect Many Developer and Public Agency Projects

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees under the ACA, But Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article IRS Updates Voluntary Disclosure Policy After Expiration of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2019

Article Proposed Regulations for Qualified Opportunity Funds:

Article New California Employment Laws For 2019

Article California Mediation Privilege Remains; Mediation Disclosures To Appear In 2019

Article Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks?

PDF The High Lights of California Cannabis Regulation

Article Can Groundwater Permitting Affect the Public Trust?

Article Employer Obligations Regarding Post-Offer Medical Examinations

Article Compromise JPA Pension Liability Bill Ready for Governor's Signature

Article California Legislature Passes Bill That Will Permit Shippers To Be Held Jointly Liable For State Labor And Employment Law Violations By Port Trucking Companies

Article The SEC Increases Enhanced Disclosure Threshold Under Rule 701 and Considers Broader Changes

Article Student Loan Payments and 401(k) Benefits

PDF Best Facade Forward

Article Recent Cases Give Hope to Offshore Account-Holders

Article California Legislature Clarifies Salary History Ban And Equal Pay Statute

Article California Passes the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

Article Lessons for Defined Contribution Plan Fiduciaries from Current Litigation

Article California Supreme Court Rejects The Federal 'De Minimis' Doctrine, Ruling Instead That Employers Must Compensate For 'Minutes' Of Off-the-Clock Work

Video How Do Tiered Water Rates Help Californians Save Water?

Video Impact Investing Term Sheets (Podcast)

Article Qualified Opportunity Funds: Parallels and Opportunities for Qualified Small Business Stock Investors

Article New FEHC National Origin Discrimination Regulations

Article Three Things about the Affordable Care Act Employers Need to Focus on Now

Article Janus v. AFSCME: SCOTUS Rejects Mandatory Agency Fees For Public Sector Employees

Article Employers Win This Round: CA Court of Appeal Upholds Employer's Rounding Policy

Article DOL Finalizes Rules to Expand Access to Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article Court Reinstates End of Life Option Act Pending Further Hearings

Video Can Board & Council Members Be Reimbursed For Internet Expenses?

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases And San Francisco's Parity In Pay Ordinance Effective July 1, 2018

Article NLRB General Counsel Provides Employer-Friendly Guidance on Work Rules

Article Good News For Employers: In the Aftermath of the SCOTUS Class Action Waiver Case, A Los Angeles County Superior Court Dismisses Class Claims and Orders Claims Brought Individually in Arbitration

Article Hanson Bridgett Requests IRS Open Determination Letter Program in 2019 for Governmental Plans

Article Is This The End of the End of Life Option Act?

Article California Appellate Court Provides Another Potential Defense To "Derivative" Wage Statement Claims

Article Proposed Bill to Make Member Agencies Liable for JPA Pension Obligations

Video What Public Agencies Need to Know About GDPR

Article U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Class Action Waivers Do Not Violate The NLRA

Article Practitioner Insights: Maui Groundwater Case Shows Government Retreat Is Bad for Everyone

Article The Trucking Industry Absorbs yet another blow at the hand of the California Supreme Court

Article 2018 Employee Benefits Update

Article New Test For Independent Contractors

Article Circuit Courts Extend Clean Water Act Liability to Discharging Treated Wastewater and Other Pollutants to Groundwater

Article Employers Cannot Rely On Prior Salary To Justify Wage Differential In Equal Pay Act Cases

PDF Anti-SLAPP Statutes in Federal Courts

Article IRS Ending OVDP: Act Now to Avoid Higher Penalties (or Worse)

Article New ERISA Disability Benefit Claims and Appeals Rules Take Effect April 2, 2018

Article Alvarado v. Dart Container Corporation Clarifies Overtime Calculation When Employees Earn Flat Sum Bonuses

Article Courts Split On Pension Vested Rights Analysis

Article Investment Advisor Alert: Annual Updating Amendments to Form ADV due March 31, 2018

Article California's First Appellate District Court Finds Reasonable Use Determination Requires Consideration of All Competing Water Users

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2018

Article The Supreme Court’s Clean Water Act Ruling Opens Floodgates To Future Litigation

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees, But Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article ISO and ESPP Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Employers

Article After Changes to Pass-Through Taxation, Will You Get a Tax Break?

Article New Rules Would Expand Access to Association Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article Why Qualified Small Business Stock Matters Even More Under Trump Tax Reform

Article NLRB Reverses Course On Joint Employer And Employee Handbook Standards

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2018

Article California Medical Staff Reporting Update

Article Upcoming State Water Diversion Measurement and Reporting Deadlines

Article Long-Term Care Requirements of Participation - Phase 2 Implementation Effective November 28, 2017

Article Funds Available from Retirement Plans for Those Affected by the Wildfires

Article California Statutes Expanded to Include Peer Review Protections and Requirements for Licensed Midwives

Article PFC Regulation Begins in California

Article Reminder: Employers Face Liability For Sexual Harassment Committed By Non-Employees

Article Highlights of the Republican Tax Plan, The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Article State Water Board Proposes Water Conservation Regulation

Article On The Horizon: New California Employment Laws for 2018

Article IRS Issues 2018 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Hiring Alert: Governor Signs New Laws Restricting Use of Criminal Histories And Prohibiting Salary Inquiries

Article To Married Couples and Surviving Spouses: Review your estate plan if it has been more than 3 years since your last update

Article Surviving the Loss of Your Home

Video The Benefits of Design-Build

Article White Paper on Preparing For & Surviving The Class Action Tsunami Aimed At The Senior Housing & Care Industry

Article The Reporting Requirements for California and Delaware For-Profit Benefit Corporations

Article Supreme Court Clarifies Application of Procedural Requirements of Proposition 218 to Revenue Measures Adopted by Initiative

Article Three Important New Actions Taken By San Francisco Board of Supervisors To Control Medical and Recreational Cannabis Facilities

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2017

Article Supreme Court to Hear "Waters of the United States" Argument this Fall

Article San Francisco Reworks its Program for Requiring Developers to Assist With Affordable Housing

Article Amendment to the Brown Act Provides for New Website and Agenda Requirements

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases and Victims of Domestic Violence Notice Requirements Effective July 1, 2017

Article Supreme Court Clarifies Application of Proposition 218 Requirements to Franchise Fees

Article EPA Proposes to Narrow “Waters of the United States” Definition

Article San Francisco's Tree Ordinance: New Rules Helping Property Owners Taking Effect this July 1

Article Gender Discrimination At The Forefront: New Transgender Identity And Expression Regulations And Court Guidance Regarding Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The Brown Act

Article California Employers Must Comply With New Criminal History Regulations

Article Supreme Court Narrows Venue for Corporate Defendants in Patent Infringement Cases

Article CMS Reverses Its Position Regarding Arbitration Agreements in Long-Term Care

Article Supreme Court Reiterates Arbitration Agreements Must Be Placed on Equal Footing with Other Contracts

PDF Moving from Design-Build to Integrated Project Delivery

Article Amendments to the In Law Unit (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Law

Article The “Rest” Of The Story: California Supreme Court Clarifies The Obligation To Provide Rest Days To Employees

Counting Votes When There Is an Abstention

Article IRS Releases Updated Employment Tax Examination and Appeals Rights Publication

Video California District Attorney Environmental Investigations

Article Founder Traps: How Failing to Make an 83(b) Election Can Kill You (Almost)

Article CARB Approves New Emissions Regulations

Article Hanson Bridgett Announces IRS Determination Letter Replacement Program

Article EPA Ordered to Review Hazardous Air Pollutant Rules

Article Court Affirms That Healthcare Employees Working 12+ Hour Shifts Can Waive One of Their Two Meal Periods

Article Give Me a (Paid) Break: Compensating Piece Rate and Commissioned Employees for Rest Breaks and Non-Productive Work Time

Article IRS Issues 401(k) Safe Harbor Hardship Distribution Substantiation Guidelines

Article SWRCB Issues Water Use Reporting Notice

Article DOL Fiduciary Rule Faces Further Delay

Article New Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirement For Local Agency Officials: FAQ & Compliance Tips

Video California Supreme Court Case: Public Records on Private Accounts

Article California Supreme Court Case Alert: Public Records on Private Accounts

Article Fourth Circuit Decides Closely Watched False Claims Act Case, Michaels v. Agape Senior Community, But Declines to Rule on Validity of Statistical Sampling

Article Trump Administration Signals Intent to Roll Back Federal Jurisdiction over Wetlands and Intermittent Streams

Article 2017 Employee Benefits Update

Article Delinquent Filers Despair: IRS's Dirty Dozen List Demonstrates Ongoing Dangers

Article Ninth Circuit: Changes in Water Flows Benefiting Fish Don’t Require SWRCB Permission

Article IPD Advice from Owners

Article First For Profit Benefit Corporation Goes Public

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2017

Article Your Background Check Documents May Be At Risk Under A New Ninth Circuit Ruling

Article ISO and ESPP Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Employers

Article 21st Century Cures Act Holds Promise for Seniors and Senior Care Providers

Article IRS Issues Updated ACA Guidance and Extends Deadline for Providing 1095-C Forms to Employees

Video An Update on Drone Law

Article AB 626 Creates New Procedural Requirements for Public Works Claims

Article AB 626 Creates New Procedural Requirements for Public Works Claims

Article California Supreme Court Confirms that Labor Code Section 226.7 and IWC Wage Order No. 4 Prohibits On-Duty and On-Call Rest Periods

Article What is Willfulness?

Article Negotiation is the First Collaborative Act

Article Ninth Circuit Upholds Environmental Review of Downtown LA "Regional Connector" Subway Project

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2017

Article Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Blocking Immediate Implementation of New Federal Overtime Rules

Article Beginning January 22, 2017, Employers Must Begin Using Revised I-9 Form

Article How Will Legalizing Marijuana Affect California Employers?

Article New California and Federal Employment Laws for 2017

Article Federal Court Permanently Blocks DOL’s “Persuader” Rule

Video Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Article Is The ACA Dead? Not So Fast

PDF Medical Marijuana in Seniors Housing and Senior Care Communities

Article IRS Issues 2017 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Labor Action at Retail Locations: Free Pass or Trespass?

Video Northern California Railroad Practices

Article Attorney General Amends Settlement Guidelines in Proposition 65 Regulations

Article Palo Alto, Los Altos, and San Mateo Raise Minimum Wage

Article Missed Opportunities: Mistakes that Limit IPD Success

Article New ACA Rules for HRAs, Flex Credits and Opt-Out Payments

Video Water Rights for California Land Owners

Article Pokémon Go's Popularity, Technology Creating New Legal Issues

Article City of Berkeley Passes New Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance

Article California Adopts Long-Pending Modifications to Proposition 65 "Clear and Reasonable" Warning Regulations

Article Ready for Enforcement of the Truck & Bus Regulation? An Eight Step Compliance Plan

Article After Almost 20 Years, The EEOC Has Issued New Guidelines On Retaliation

Article A Glimmer Of Hope For Employers In “Associational” Reasonable Accommodation Cases

Article The Winn Case: A Game Changer for California's Senior Care & Housing Industry

Article Federal Agencies Finalize New "Phase 2" Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Article Removal Of Housing Units (Legal Or Not) Becomes Even Harder In San Francisco

Article Employers Scramble To Comply With New DOL Minimum Wage And Employee Polygraph Protection Act Posting Requirements

Article Ninth Circuit Rules No Arranger Liability for Smelter's Air Pollutants under CERCLA

Article Targets of Opportunity: The Art of IPD Target Setting

Article DWR Provides Notice Of Proposed Emergency Regulatory Action for GSPs Under SGMA

Article California Supreme Court Upholds Pre-condemnation Entry and Testing Law with Addition of Jury Option

Article Granting Stock Options At Fair Market Value

Article Effective Immediately! San Diego’s City Council Approves The Voter Passed Minimum Wage And Paid Sick Leave Ordinance… With A Few Important Modifications

Article McDonald’s On The Hook For Class Certification Of Wage And Hour Claims Under Ostensible Agency Theory

Article California Court of Appeal Decision Reminds CalPERS Employers to Ensure All Employee Base Salaries are Reported on a "Publicly Available Pay Schedule"

Article When does a TIC Agreement Create a Partnership?

Article Federal Court Blocks DOL's "Persuader" Rule

Article Los Angeles and San Diego Join the Fray with New and Expanded Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Laws

Article Keeping Pace With California's Data Privacy And Security Laws

Article Ninth Circuit Rules That Cash-In-Lieu Of Benefits Payments Must Be Included In Regular Rate Of Pay

Article Congress Creates Private Right of Action for Trade Secret Misappropriation

Article All Aboard…

Article New Law Should Limit Disability-Access Litigation in California

Article The Defend Trade Secrets Act Opens Federal Courts To Claims Of Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets

PDF Is Your Insurance Coverage Adequate?

Article The DWR Releases Proposed Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations Under SGMA

Article Governor Issues New Water Conservation Order; SWRCB Proposes Water Conservation Emergency Regulation Amendments

Article NLRB Continues To Eviscerate Workplace Civility Policies In New Handbook Decision

Article California Regulators Prepare New Plan to Tighten Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits for Freight Industry

Article New Regulations Proposed for TRUs

Article Two Rest Breaks Are Better Than One, According To A New California Appellate Court Decision

Article U.S. Department of Justice Announces Elder Justice Task Force

Article Is Your Online Business Accessible To Persons With Disabilities?

Article Employer Wellness Programs Face Challenges

Article Hanson Bridgett stands in support of the withdrawal of companies from North Carolina as a response to HB2.

Article Location, Location, Co-location

Article Employers May Be Obligated To Provide Suitable Seating To Employees

Article Employers May Be Required To Provide Reasonable Accommodation To Employees "Associated" With Someone With A Disability

Article San Francisco Delivers New Paid Parental Leave

Article State Water Board Reinstates Monthly Reporting Requirement on Diverters in Sacramento and San Joaquin River Watersheds

Article Expanded Reporting Obligations For Private Employers Under DOL's “Persuader” Final Rule

Article Values First

Article No Fooling: New FEHA Regulations Go Into Effect April 1, 2016

Article Costly and Damaging Cyberattacks: Who Will Pay, and for What?

Article A Path to Independence with Individual Service Plans

Article Finalized Medicare 60-Day Overpayment Rule Goes Into Effect Today – Providers Are You Ready?

Article California Attorney General Announces a Standard for Reasonable Data Security

Article The DWR Releases Draft Regulations for the Management of Groundwater Basins Under SGMA

Article New Authority for Public Transportation Agencies to Curb Passenger Misconduct

Article United States and European Union Take Big Steps to Finalize New Data Transfer Frameworks

Article Is the QSERP Dead? Proposed Rules Target Individual Benefit Formulas

Article State Water Board Extends Emergency Water Conservation Regulation

PDF Seniors Housing Guide to Fair Housing and ADA Compliance

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2016

Article Montanile: A Cautionary Tale For ERISA Plans

Article California Updates Practitioners' Ability To Complete POLST Form

Article State Water Board Adopts Water Use Reporting and Measurement Regulations

PDF The first stage of bringing VW to justice?

Article A Year In Review: Notable Cases And New Laws For California Employers in 2016

Article VIDEO: Section 1202 - Qualified Small Business Stock, A Recipe of 100% Gain Exclusion

Article Stark Regulations Updated to Include New Exception for Recruitment of Non-Physician Practitioners

Article California Benefit Corporations on Fast Company's 20 Defining 'Moments that Matter' List

Article New and Improved Strategies to Combat Patent Trolls

Article Drought State of Emergency: Mandatory Water Use Reduction Extended to October 2016

Article Building a Solid Foundation to Support The Internet of Things

Video VIDEO: California Enacts Privacy Law for Local Agencies: SB 272, Disclosure of Enterprise Systems

Article New Law Streamlines Dissolution for Dormant Nonprofit Corporations in California

Video California Enacts Privacy Law for Local Agencies: SB 272, Disclosure of Enterprise Systems

Article New California Assisted Suicide Law Gives Senior Care Providers Limited Protection

Article 2016 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans Generally Remain Unchanged

Article SB 358: California Employers Face Tough Equal Pay Law in 2016

Article First Federal Enforcement of California Truck & Bus Regulation

Article Law Fails to Keep Up with Consumer Drone Technology Innovation

Article SB 327 Renders Gerard v. Orange Coast Medical Center Moot

Article Infographic: Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Article Evidence Code Section 1157 Expanded to Include Pharmacy Review Committees

Article New California Law Expands Peer Review Requirements

Article Is Your Social Media in Compliance with Federal Fair Housing Law?

Article A Cloudy End-of-Summer For the Gig Economy: What Does the NLRB's Labor Day Gift Mean?

Article National Labor Relations Board Expands Joint Employer Standard: A Synopsis of the Ruling and Implications for Senior Living

Article Prop I May Shut Down Market Rate Housing in the Mission

Article EPA Announces Proposed Rule on Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste

Article Third Circuit Affirms FTC Authority to Regulate Cybersecurity

Article NLRB Imposes Broad New Joint Employer Standard

Article New Requirements for Emergency Generator Systems and Other USTs

Article FBAR Filing Fiascos Forthcoming? Blame Congress – Not the IRS

Article FTC Completes Review of Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Article New York Court Rules Against Hospital Defendants in ACA “60-Day Rule” Case

Article Responding to a Notice of Intent to Sue under the Industrial General Permit for Stormwater Discharges

Article IRS Raises the Stakes: New Trade Law Increases Penalties Applicable to Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements

Article The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Implementation Update

Article Developments in Cyber Security and Privacy Law Continue to Affect Technology Companies

PDF Navigating California's Insurance Defense Settlements

Article Delaware Makes It Easier To Become a Benefit Corporation

Article Back On Track!

Video Legislative Update From The World Of Drones

Video Legislative Update From The World Of Drones

Article How A Data Breach Led To A ‘Billboard Bomb’

Article SWRCB Issues Curtailment Notice for Senior Water Rights

Article Supreme Court Leaves Ninth Circuit Permit Shield Ruling in Place

Article New Ruling: CDFW Notification Required For Water Diversions That Don’t Alter Streambed

Article Taxpayers Must File FBARs By June 30, 2015

Article Sidestepping Sexual Harassment Allegations at Startups

Article The .BANK Top Level Domain Will Soon Be Launched - Financial Institutions Should Take Account

PDF Design-Build for Public Works Projects

PDF Step Forward for Public Works Contracting Design-Build in the Public Sector After the Adoption of SB 785

Video VIDEO: Conflict of Interest Regulations

Video Conflict of Interest Regulations

Article New Enforcement Initiatives in Dementia Care Could Affect SNFs' Five-Star Rating

Article What Is Congress Currently Doing To Create A National Data Breach Standard and Information Sharing Between Public and Private Sectors?

Article Proposed E-Discovery Rule To Test Document Retention Policies

Video In the Loop with the Hanson Bridgett Government Group - Video Series

Article SWRCB Issues Emergency Regulation and Governor Proposes Conservation Enforcement Legislation

Article The End of an Era? IRS Considers Eliminating Periodic Determination Letter Process

Article Two Federal Cybersecurity Bills Move Forward

Article SWRCB Issues Draft Regulations to Achieve 25% Water Use Reduction

Article IRS Reminder: Foreign Account and Asset Reporting Deadlines are Fast Approaching

Video Mosaic Centre Project

Article Update: State Water Resources Control Board Releases Proposed Regulatory Framework to Implement the Drought Executive Order

Video The Center for Socially Responsible Business Annual Conference 2015 Keynote Panel

Video VIDEO: 2015 SWRCB Emergency Regulations for Urban Water Conservation

Article Drought State of Emergency: Governor Brown Issues Executive Order Mandating 25 Percent Reduction of Urban Water Usage

PDF Court Rejects Challenge to Groundwater Charges

Article County's Exclusion Of Anti-Israel Bus Advertisement Did Not Violate 1st Amendment

Article Prop 65: New Threshold for Calculating Exposure to Chemicals

Article Etsy's IPO – A New Step For the B Corp Community?

Article OIG Report Scrutinizes Hospice Care Provided in Assisted Living Facilities

Article Proposed Prop. 65 Regulations Make California More Unfriendly Market, Create More Obligations for Businesses

Article State Water Resources Control Board Proposes to Continue and Add New Requirements to the Drought Emergency Water Conservation Regulations

Article California Supreme Court Upholds CEQA Exemption Despite Potential Environmental Impacts

Article Insurance for Data Breach and Other Cyber-Attacks: What Every Company Should Consider

Article State Water Resources Control Board Requires Additional Reporting by Riparian and Pre-1914 Water Right Owners

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2015

Article Gearing Up for the Continuing Drought Emergency

Article IRS Dirty Dozen - Increased Risks for Taxpayers with Undisclosed Overseas Accounts

Article Significant Cases and New Laws for California Employers in 2015

PDF IRS to Issue New Rules for Determining Status of Governmental Entities and Benefit Plans—Potential Significant Effect on Health Care Entities

Article New State Law Requires Commercial Real Estate Brokers And Agents to Disclose Dual Agency Representation

Article Still Opportunities for S Corporation Elections to be Effective for 2014

PDF Integrated Project Delivery: A Prescription for an Ailing Industry

PDF The Transformation of Project Delivery

Article New Public Works Requirements for Contractors and Public Agencies Pursuant to SB 854

PDF Will Your Arbitration Agreements Comply?

Article Moratorium on Conversion of PDR Uses in Central SoMa Plan Area

Article IRS Notice Liberalizes Private Use Rules Governing Bond-Financed Facilities

PDF Integrated Project Delivery – A Prescription for an Ailing Industry

Article Current California Property Tax Issues

Article PENSION REFORM UPDATE-Clarification Regarding Switch to Defined Contribution Plans by California Public Employers

Article New 2015 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans

Video New Legislation That Will Impact Groundwater Management

Article What the Final New Airbnb Legislation Means for You, Your Tenants and Your Liabilities

Article California Updates POLST Form

Article New Case Confirms Competitive Bidding Exception for Lease-Leaseback Projects Award by School Districts

Article Governor Signs New Paid Sick Leave Law: Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 [AB 1522]

Article Court Finds SWRCB has Jurisdiction over Pre-1914 Water Rights and Defines Forfeiture Standard

Article Qualified Trades or Businesses for QSBS Defined

Article Prevailing Wage Not Required for Permanent Offsite Fabricators

Video Upcoming Election - What can a public agency do?

PDF A Bitcoin Primer on Jurisdiction

Article California Urgent Care Centers Offer Opportunities for New Revenue, but Raise Legal Issues

Video New Emergency Regulation for Water Conservation - The Mandatory Actions by Suppliers

Article 2014 Amendments to Laws Applicable to Delaware Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and General Partnerships

Article Superior Court Finds Issuance of Well Drilling Permit for Groundwater Extraction is Subject to the Public Trust Doctrine

Video Leasing Issues to Consider with Communications Companies

PDF Supreme Court Doubles Down on Patents and Addresses Standards for Both Definiteness and Inducement On the Same Day

Article Sour Grapes: A Potential Prelude to Water Rights Curtailment

PDF Court Rejects Class Action for Health Information Security Breach

Video Requirements of Proposition 218 for Retail Water Agencies

Video Public Records Act: Use of Personal Smart Phones and Computers

PDF Integrated Project Delivery: Optimizing Project Performance

Article Local Regulation of Commercial Drones: The Next Frontier

Article Public Entities Risk Losing Design Immunity Where They Fail to Present Evidence Of Discretionary Approval Of A Design

Article IRS Releases New Guidance on Application of Windsor to Qualified Retirement Plans

Video Taxation of Employer Provided Automobiles - Baby You Can Drive My Car

Video Brown Act Teleconference Requirements

Article Supreme Court Strikes Down Overall Limits on Federal Contributions

Article Foreign Accounts and FATCA

Article New Brown Act Reporting Requirements

PDF Webinar Slides from February 27, 2014 - "Final Pay or Play Rules"

Video Procedural Requirements for Declaring Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Restrictions

Video Unrelated Business Taxable Income Issues for Private Equity Investors

PDF Appeals Court Clarifies Proposition 218 Requirements for Property Fees

PDF California Federal Court Invalidates Skilled Nursing Arbitration Restrictions in Patients’ Bill of Rights Act

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2014

Article California Water Action Plan Finalized Amidst Historic Drought Conditions

PDF OIG Permits Senior Community’s Referral Fee Arrangement

PDF California to Require Licensure of Home Care

Article Sterile Compounding Pharmacy License Mandatory for California Pharmacies

Article California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

Article Boiler Systems Can End Up Being an “Area Source” For Certain Emissions

PDF The House Passes Substantive Patent Reform Aimed at So-Called Patent Trolls; Action in the Senate Awaits

PDF Impact of Recent Changes to Standard Additional Insured Endorsements

PDF Significant Cases and Laws for California Employers in 2014

PDF Disability Access Disclosed

PDF What to Expect From a Medical Staff Hearing

PDF The Court of Appeal Holds Groundwater Augmentation Charges Fees for Water Services Under Proposition 218 and Provides Much-Needed Guidance on Several Related Issues

PDF Retracing 'Mental Steps' To Software Patent Eligibility

Article New Legal Requirements For Website Privacy Policies Beginning January 1, 2014

Article New Legislation Lessens Impact of Proposition 65 on California Restaurants, Parking Garages, Grocery Stores, Hotels, and Other Businesses

PDF New General Solicitation Rules for Private Placements Go Into Effect

Article IRS Releases Guidance on Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Marriages

Article Attack on Quick Service Restaurants - Escalating Campaign for Increased Minimum Wage and the Pending Fast Food Strike

Article As of June 1, 2013, Compliance Required for New Disabled Access Local Rules for Non-Residential Properties, Under San Francisco Administrative Code Section 38

Article Moving Design-Build closer to IPD

PDF New Corporate Form in Delaware

Article Mandatory Skilled Nursing Hours Claims: Are You Covered?

PDF Delay of Key Components Under Pay or Play – Now What?

PDF DOMA Is Dead - Now What?

Article Supreme Court's Koontz Ruling a Victory for Landowners

PDF Property Tax Relief for Tenants of California Public Retirement Systems

Article Employers Must Comply with Exchange Notice Requirements by October 1, 2013: DOL Issues Model Notice and Updated COBRA Election Notice

Article Governor Brown Fast-Tracks Voluntary Water Transfers to Ease Drought Hardships on Agriculture

PDF Nursing Home Insurance: Are Your Policy Limits Wasting Away?

Article California QSBS Issues One Step Closer to Closure

Article Will LLCs be Obsolete for Holding Real Estate?

PDF Benefits of Model-based Process Integration

Article California QSBS Resolution Afoot?

PDF CPR in Independent Living and Assisted Living Communities

PDF Comments on proposed regulations under Section 4980H

PDF Senior Care Employers Should Start Today to Prepare for Health Care Reform

PDF 2013 Tax Issues

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2013

PDF Health Care Reform Presentation on "Pay or Play" Rules

PDF Greater Restrictions on Indemnification Provisions in Construction Contracts

PDF ​How to Decipher Public Information Available on the Medical Board of California License Lookup

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Allocations and Distributions

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Angel Funds

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Choice of Entity

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Delaware or California – Where do I incorporate?

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Employee – Contractor Considerations

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Friends and Family

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: IRC 83(b)

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Loans

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Members and Membership Interests

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Operating Agreement

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Organizing the Corporate Entity

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Private Equity

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Restricted Stock

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Securities Laws

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Shareholder Agreement

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Shares and Shareholders

Article Start Ups and Emerging Companies – 101: Venture Capital

Article Clean Water Act

PDF Significant National Labor Relations Board Decisions in December 2012

Article Fiscal Cliff Resolution Provides Pension Planning Options

Article Franchise Tax Board Update on Qualified Small Business Stock

Article Court of Appeal Finds CEQA Does Not Apply To An Agency’s Declared Water Emergency

PDF Lessons Learned – Force Majeure Clauses when an Act of God Strikes

PDF Importance of Managing Rising Acuity Levels

Article NEW 2013 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Lessons Learned - Contract Clauses to Include in Every Sole Source Supply Agreement

Article Property Rights and Environmental Initiatives for the Past Two Centuries

Article Careful With that Dress Code

PDF Health Care Reform – What You Must Do This Year

PDF Green Building Litigation: Summary of Cases and Analysis of Trends

PDF Constitutional Crisis for Qualified Small Business Stock

Article Flexible Purpose Corporation vs. Benefit Corporation

Article Foreign Account Disclosures Continue

PDF IRC Section 83 Update

PDF Legal Issues Associated with Volunteers

PDF Stock Water Rights on Federal Land

PDF Legal Implications of Music in Senior Housing

PDF Medical Expense Tax Deductions: A Guide for Senior Living Providers and Residents

Article Guarantors May Not Be Liable for Loan Balance Where Guaranty is Not Absolute and Unconditional

PDF Money from the Masses

PDF Clinical Trial Agreements at Community Hospitals

PDF IPD Framework

PDF Managing Soil Vapor Intrusion Risks in Real Estate Transactions

PDF Smooth Transitions: Move-ins from a Marketing & Clinical Perspective

PDF California Supreme Court Clears Way for Class Challenges to Local Taxes and Fees: McWilliams v. City of Long Beach

PDF Integrated Project Delivery: The Game Changer

Article NLRB's Notice Requirement Is Off The Wall

Article Employers Finally Get Practical Advice on Meal Periods and Rest Breaks

Article Ninth Circuit Narrows Computer Fraud and Abuse Act For Employers

Article Court of Appeal Allows Reverse California Public Records Act Lawsuit

PDF New California Labor Laws Create Additional Risks for Trucking and Delivery Companies

Article Executive Compensation and Brown Act Requirements

PDF Trade Secret Litigation: TROs, Preliminary Injunctions, and Some Things To Think About First

Article Supreme Court: New Ruling On Patentable Subject Matter

Article Risks of Using Social Media to Solicit Clients

Article IRS Town Hall Meeting on Definition of Government Agencies and Government Retirement Plans

Article Sustainable Business News - March 2012

PDF Traps for the Unwary: Hold Harmless Clauses

PDF Impact of Recent Supreme Court Arbitration Decisions on Enforceability of Health Care Arbitration Provisions in California

Article Where A Party Makes Two CCP § 998 Offers And Both Are Rejected (Or Lapse), The Second Offer Does Not Extinguish The First For Purposes Of Cost Shifting.

PDF Drafting Commercial Arbitration Clauses

Article Chabaan v. Wet Seal, Inc., et al

Article United States Supreme Court Strikes Down State Law Categorically Banning Pre-dispute Arbitration Clauses in Health Industry

Article Sustainable Business News - February 2012

Article Who Needs an Estate Plan Anyway? (Part 2)

PDF Governor’s Pension Reform Bill and Constitutional Amendment Proposed February 2, 2012

PDF Proposed Determination of Governmental Plan Status

PDF Green Refinance Plus: A New Option for Senior Care Refinancing and Aquisitions

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2012

Article NLRB Guidance on Social Media

Article New Ruling Affects Prelitigation Settlements of Wrongful Death Claims

Article The California State Water Resources Control Board Issues Guidance For 2012 Water Diversion Measurements Requirements

PDF P3 Case Study: I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvements

PDF P3 Case Study: Long Beach Courthouse

PDF P3 Case Study: Petco Park

PDF P3 Case Study: Presidio Parkway

PDF P3 Case Study: Santa Paula Wastewater Plant

PDF P3 Projects at University Campuses

Article Sustainable Business News - January 2012

Article California Supreme Court Limits Liability for Manufacturers

PDF IPD Teams: Creation, Organization and Management

PDF Builder’s Risk Insurance: Do You Know When Your Coverage Ends?

Article New Gift Rules Effective January 1, 2012

Article Sustainable Business News - December 2011

Article California Attorney General Provides Brown Act Guidance on Tours of Facilities

Article Contractors Who Do Not Comply with Contract Claims Procedures May Be Held Liable for Liquidated Damages for Owner-Caused Delay

PDF Joan Cassman Named 25 Top Municipal Lawyers of 2011

PDF Who Needs an Estate Plan Anyway? (Part1)

Video Benefit Corporations in California

PDF Five Custodians and Five Search Terms: A step toward the responsible and targeted use of e-discovery

PDF Business Divorce: I Love You — Not (Part 2)

PDF SEC Approves Heightened Stock Exchange Listing Standards For Reverse Merger Companies

PDF New IRS Proposal on What Is a Government Agency and Government Retirement Plan

PDF Green Lease Fundamentals for Tenants

Article IRS Announces COLAs to Qualified Plan Dollar Limits for 2012

PDF Using a design-build contract for Lean Integrated Project Delivery

PDF Understanding the Hidden Traps in Payment to Subs on Federal Projects

PDF Groundbreaking Development in Future of P3s in California

Article Climate Change: SEC Issues Guidance on Disclosure

Article Sustainable Business News - October 2011

Article Another Nail in the NLRB's Notice Rule Coffin?

Article New Penalties For Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors

PDF Building Information Modeling: Look Both Ways Before You Leap

PDF Diagram of BIM Elements

PDF Diagram of BIM Elements (Interactive)

Article The America Invents Act: Major Revisions to U.S. Patent Law

Article Last Chance Agreements

Article New Rules on Cell Phones

Article Sustainable Business News - September 2011

PDF Professional Service Goodwill: Who Owns It?

PDF Public Trust – In Nevada? Possible Impacts to Water Rights: Adoption of The Public Trust Doctrine in Nevada

Article NLRB Requires Workplace Notice of Employees' NLRA Rights

Article .xxx Domain Name Blocking for Trademark Owners

Article Appellate court clears way for Presidio Parkway Project to move forward as a Public-Private Partnership

PDF What is Green Refinance Plus and can you qualify?

PDF Business Divorce: I Love You — Not

PDF Satisfaction Clauses: Do They Really Mean What They Say?

Article Sustainable Business News - August 2011

Article Overtime for Non-California Residents

PDF Non-Capital Expenses May Not Qualify as a "Special Benefit" Under Prop 218

Article Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Protecting Intellectual Property

Article What Do You Need To Know About Wal-Mart v. Dukes?

Article Supreme Court: Patent Invalidity Must Be “Clear and Convincing”

PDF Keeping Your Health Care Flexible Spending Account or Health Care Reimbursement Plans Up-To-Date

PDF How IPD Can Help Your Project Succeed

PDF Supreme Court: Actual Knowledge Or "Willful Blindness" To Patent Infringement Required For Inducement Liability

Article Sustainable Business News - June 2011

PDF The New Notice of Mechanic’s Lien: A New Opportunity to Resolve Contractor Claims Before Your Property is Encumbered?

Article Federal Circuit Tightens Inequitable Conduct Standards in Patent Infringement Cases

Article On-Duty Employee Seating Poised To Be The New Class Action

Article Making Sense of "natural"

Article 9th Circuit Revives Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Employers

Article No Class Actions for Arbitration Agreements?

Article Declaring a State of Emergency: What You Need to Know

PDF Every Marriage—and Project—Needs a Honeymoon

PDF Health Care Reform W-2 Reporting Requirements

PDF Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

PDF Mandatory Reporting of Crimes, Enforcement Uncertainty

PDF Benefit Corporation Legislation: A New Corporate Form for Impact Investors

PDF San Francisco’s Energy Performance Ordinance: Spotlighting Commercial Building Energy Use

PDF Splitting the "Difference"

Article Sustainable Business News - April 2011

PDF Design-Build is Gaining Traction in the Public Sector

PDF Design-Build is Gaining Traction in the Public Sector

Article Climate Change: SEC Issues Guidance on Disclosure

Article Sustainable Business News - March 2011

Article Fighting for Our Transit Clients—Darensburg et al. v. MTC

Article Sustainable Business News - February 2011

PDF Comparison of Integrated Project Delivery Agreements (Summary)

PDF Insurance Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions

PDF Raising the Sustainability Bar: San Francisco Amends its Green Building Ordinance to Comply with CalGreen

PDF San Francisco Amends its Green Building Ordinance to Comply with CalGreen

PDF Negotiating an Integrated Project Delivery Agreement

PDF Elder Justice Act: Mandatory Reporting of Crimes, Enforcement Uncertainty

Article Sustainable Business News - December 2010

PDF 2010 Gap Year Gift Planning

PDF The New Notice of Mechanic’s Lien: A New Way to Lose Your Lien Rights

Article Hanson Bridgett's Legal Corner: The November 2nd Battle

PDF Enforcing Arbitration Agreements: California Supreme Court Expands Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements in Healthcare Context

PDF Which Comes First, the Compensation or the Fees?

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PDF Court of Appeals Rules That SNF Cannot Respect Patient's Racial Preferences

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PDF Inspector General Rules CCRC Referral Fees Do Not Violate Anti-Kickback Laws

PDF Managing Employee Use of Social Media

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PDF A Selective Review of the Intermediate Sanctions Temp. Regs. - Generally, Improved All Around

Video Attorney Work Product Protections

PDF Avoiding the Two-Front War: Simultaneous Litigation Against Plaintiffs and Insurers

Video Green Chemistry in California

Video Medical Damages in Personal Injury Defense

PDF Medicinal Marijuana in Senior Living: Complying at the Community Level

Video Prop 65 for Non-California Companies

PDF Warning: Failure to Post Proper Smoke Exposure Signs Could Be Hazardous to Your Fiscal Health

PDF Preparing a Green Leasing Strategy

PDF Jury Awards $12.5 Million Verdict

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PDF California Labor and Employment Law Developments for 2010

PDF Estate Tax Lapse: Crisis, Chaos and Disarray

PDF Ruling Affects Additional Insured Coverage for Public Entities

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PDF Litigation Basics: What To Do When You Are Sued - Act

PDF Land Use Alert: California Supreme Court Decides 30 Day Statute Of Limitations Applies To Determination That No Environmental Review Is Required Under CEQA

PDF Litigation Basics: Surviving the Dreaded Deposition

PDF Model Green Lease Rider

Article Sustainable Business News - February 2010

PDF Water Law Alert: California Court of Appeal Reaffirms Traditional Common Law Formula For Determining Boundary Lines Between Littoral Land Owners

PDF Water Law Alert: Nevada Supreme Court Remands Water Applications That Were Pending Without Action For Longer Than The One Year Statuary Period

PDF Estate Tax and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Law

Article Proposed Changes to the Accredited Investor Rules and State Regulation of Private Investments

PDF New Employment Law for 2010

PDF House Rules

Article Sustainable Business News - December 2009

Article House Committee Passes Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2009

PDF Evictions and RCFES

PDF Handling Suspicious Behaviour

PDF Preventing Scams Aimed at Elders

PDF Transit Agency Not Liable for ADA Violations When It Complies with DOT ADA Regulations

PDF Pre-dispute Arbitration Agreements - An Imperfect Solution but Effective Nonetheless

PDF HUD Loan and Grant Financing Incentives Available Under the Green Retrofit Program

Article Important Supreme Court Decision on Disability Access Interpretation – Unruh Act Doesn't Require Intentional Discrimination

Article New Electronic Discovery Bill signed by Governor Schwarzenegger June 29, 2009

PDF REMINDER: HUD Loan and Grant Financing Incentives Available Under the Green Retrofit Program (2009)

Article Sustainable Business News - June 2009

PDF Annoying Deficiency Citations: The Leaky Roof and Other Stories

PDF The ABC's of PPP's: The Basics Regarding Public-Private Partnerships

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PDF Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program for Government Entities

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PDF Alternative Project Delivery Methods for Public Works Projects in California

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PDF Building Information Modeling: A Framework for Collaboration

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PDF California Appellate Court Clarifies Standard for Enjoining "Threatened" Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Notwithstanding Rejection of "Inevitable Disclosure" Rule

PDF California’s New Green Building Standards

PDF E-Mail Requirements Altered by FTC's Final Rule of May, 2008

PDF Key Tax Benefits for Seniors Housing Residents

PDF Recent California Appellate Court Decision Offers Glimmer of Hope to Employers Attempting to Comply with Meal and Rest Period Requirements

Article Sustainable Business News - July 2008

Article Sustainable Business News - July 2009

PDF Lanier v. City of Woodburn

PDF Expanded Avenues for Plaintiffs Claims under ERISA

PDF Resident Employees Are Not Entitled To Be Paid For Time Spent On Call

PDF Creating Realistic Expectations

PDF LLC Fee Held Unconstitutional as Applied to LLCs Organized in Other States But Doing Business in California: Are You Entitled To A Refund?

PDF SB 343 New Brown Act Requirement—Availability Of Public Records Distributed Before Meetings

PDF California Dreaming: 2008 ADA Amendments Make Federal Law More Like the Republic of California, Where Virtually Every Employee Can Claim a Disability

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Article Sustainable Business News - February 2008

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PDF Smile, You're on Candid Camera

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PDF Legal Update: Common Wage and Hour Mistakes

PDF Decubitus Ulcers: Legal Update

PDF Resident Falls

PDF Residents Who Handle Their Own Medications

PDF "I Didn't Know That Was In The Regs"

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PDF Residents With Dementia Who Have No Legal Decision Makers

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PDF Food Service Not Subject to County Oversight

PDF Beware of Landlord-Tenant Restrictions on Your Service Program

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PDF Health and Safety Code Section 1569.47 - A Way to Get Help From Hospital Discharge Planners

PDF One on One Supervision

PDF Attorney Requests for Resident Records

PDF Insurance Coverage in an Insurance-Unfriendly World

PDF RCFE Admission Agreements Revisited

PDF Improving Your Odds in Elder Abuse Reporting

PDF Vicious Service Animals and Use of Human Models in Advertising Materials

PDF SNFs Must File HIPAA E-Health Care Transaction Compliance Plan

PDF The Intermediate Sanctions Regulations are Final - No More Excuses

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PDF Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Trustees?

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PDF Legislature Expands Elder Abuse Reporting Obligations

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PDF Developing Residence Agreements That Market Your Community (and Avoid Litigation)

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PDF Seniors Housing and Care Facilities: Development, Business and Operations

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