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The Importance of 83(b) Elections for Qualified Small Business Stock

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Article The Importance of 83(b) Elections for Qualified Small Business Stock

Article Form W-2 Reporting Requirement for COVID-Related Paid Leave Could Apply to Governmental Employers This Year

Article Changes to Employer Health Coverage Reporting Under the ACA

Article New Law Shifts Liability for Certain CalPERS Benefit Overpayments to Employers

Article IRS Issues 2022 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Termination of Governor's COVID Stay-at-Home Order Triggers Review of Rehired Public Sector Retirees

Article 2021 Employee Benefits Plan Fiduciaries Training

Article 2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update

Article New Payroll Tax Credit Available in 2021 for Public Colleges, Universities and Governmental Healthcare Entities – Q&A

Article IRS Issues 2021 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Finalizes Default Withholding Rules for Periodic Retirement and Annuity Payments

Article IRS Issues Last-Minute Guidance on Deferral of Employees' Social Security Withholding

Article California Supreme Court Upholds Pension Reform Changes As Constitutional

Article DOL Issues Proposed Rule on ESG Investing

Article IRS Provides Rules for W-2 Reporting of COVID Paid Leaves

Article DOL Issues New Proposed Fiduciary Rule

Article IRS Issues Guidance on 2020 Waiver of Required Minimum Distributions

Article IRS Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Leave-Based Donation Programs

Article IRS Issues CARES Act Guidance for Retirement Plans

Article Email Option Added to Final Electronic Disclosure Rule for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Issues Cafeteria Plan Relief to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

Article Employee Benefit Plan Deadlines Extended Due to COVID-19

Article Relief for Employee Benefit Plan Fiduciaries Due to COVID-19

Article COVID-19 Related Employee Benefits Issues for Governmental Employers

Article COVID-19 Emergency Paid Leave and Other Leave-Related Benefits

Article COVID-19: Top Ten Issues for Employers Considering Layoffs, Furloughs or Reduction in Hours

Article IRS Form Released for Advance Payments of COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits

Article UPDATED: IRS and DOL Issue COVID-19 Related Tax Credit Guidance

Article CARES Act – Important Changes to 401k or other Retirement Plans

Article Group Health Plan and Cafeteria Plan Issues Related to COVID-19

Article UPDATED: Additional Payroll Tax Credits for Small and Large Employers Under the CARES Act

Article Employee Benefits Questions and Answers Related to COVID-19

Article IRS and DOL Issue COVID-19 Related Tax Credit Guidance

Article COVID-19 Resource Center

Article Ignorance Is Bliss (If You Are an ERISA Plaintiff)

Video 2020 Employee Benefits Webinars

Article ISO and ESPP Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Employers

Article Retirement Plan Changes and “Cadillac Tax” Repeal Included in Domestic Appropriations Package

Article California Individual Mandate for Health Coverage Takes Effect in 2020

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees Under the ACA, but Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article “Text Me?” Proposed Electronic Disclosure Rule Would Allow Greater Flexibility for Retirement Plans

Article CalPERS Issues Guidance on Uniform Allowance Reporting

Article IRS Issues 2020 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Finalizes New Hardship Distribution Rules for 401(k) and 403(b) Plans

Article IRS Issues Guidance on Uncashed Distribution Checks

Article Court Upholds Plan Administrator's Interpretation in Recent ERISA Case

Article Recent Increase in IRS Enforcement of ACA Reporting Penalties

Article CalSavers State-Sponsored Retirement Plan Has Officially Launched

Article CalPERS Announces New Fees for Section 218 Agreements

Article Employers May Offer Two New Types of Health Reimbursement Arrangements in 2020

Article Ninth Circuit Rules ERISA Pension Plan Must Pay Survivor Benefits to Registered Domestic Partner

Article New IRS Rules Allow Retirement Plan Sponsors to Self-Correct Broader Range of Plan Failures

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Liz Masson

Article California Supreme Court Rules No Vested Right to Airtime Purchases; Leaves California Rule Intact

Video 2019 Employee Benefits Webinars

Article IRS Issues Proposed Regulations to Relax 401(k) Plan Hardship Distribution Rules

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees under the ACA, But Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks?

Article Compromise JPA Pension Liability Bill Ready for Governor's Signature

Article The SEC Increases Enhanced Disclosure Threshold Under Rule 701 and Considers Broader Changes

Article Student Loan Payments and 401(k) Benefits

Article Lessons for Defined Contribution Plan Fiduciaries from Current Litigation

Article Three Things about the Affordable Care Act Employers Need to Focus on Now

Article Janus v. AFSCME: SCOTUS Rejects Mandatory Agency Fees For Public Sector Employees

Article Employers Win This Round: CA Court of Appeal Upholds Employer's Rounding Policy

Article DOL Finalizes Rules to Expand Access to Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases And San Francisco's Parity In Pay Ordinance Effective July 1, 2018

Article NLRB General Counsel Provides Employer-Friendly Guidance on Work Rules

Article Good News For Employers: In the Aftermath of the SCOTUS Class Action Waiver Case, A Los Angeles County Superior Court Dismisses Class Claims and Orders Claims Brought Individually in Arbitration

Article Hanson Bridgett Requests IRS Open Determination Letter Program in 2019 for Governmental Plans

Article California Appellate Court Provides Another Potential Defense To "Derivative" Wage Statement Claims

Article Proposed Bill to Make Member Agencies Liable for JPA Pension Obligations

Article U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Class Action Waivers Do Not Violate The NLRA

Article 2018 Employee Benefits Update

Article New Test For Independent Contractors

Article Employers Cannot Rely On Prior Salary To Justify Wage Differential In Equal Pay Act Cases

Article New ERISA Disability Benefit Claims and Appeals Rules Take Effect April 2, 2018

Article Alvarado v. Dart Container Corporation Clarifies Overtime Calculation When Employees Earn Flat Sum Bonuses

Article Courts Split On Pension Vested Rights Analysis

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees, But Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article New Rules Would Expand Access to Association Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2018

Article Funds Available from Retirement Plans for Those Affected by the Wildfires

Article On The Horizon: New California Employment Laws for 2018

Article IRS Issues 2018 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Releases Updated Employment Tax Examination and Appeals Rights Publication

Article Hanson Bridgett Announces IRS Determination Letter Replacement Program

Article IRS Issues 401(k) Safe Harbor Hardship Distribution Substantiation Guidelines

Article DOL Fiduciary Rule Faces Further Delay

Article 2017 Employee Benefits Update

Article ISO and ESPP Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Employers

Article IRS Issues Updated ACA Guidance and Extends Deadline for Providing 1095-C Forms to Employees

Article Is The ACA Dead? Not So Fast

Article IRS Issues 2017 Limits for Retirement Plans

Article New ACA Rules for HRAs, Flex Credits and Opt-Out Payments

Article California Court of Appeal Decision Reminds CalPERS Employers to Ensure All Employee Base Salaries are Reported on a "Publicly Available Pay Schedule"

Article Is the QSERP Dead? Proposed Rules Target Individual Benefit Formulas

Article VIDEO: Section 1202 - Qualified Small Business Stock, A Recipe of 100% Gain Exclusion

Article 2016 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans Generally Remain Unchanged

Article IRS Raises the Stakes: New Trade Law Increases Penalties Applicable to Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements

Article Back On Track!

Article The End of an Era? IRS Considers Eliminating Periodic Determination Letter Process

PDF IRS to Issue New Rules for Determining Status of Governmental Entities and Benefit Plans—Potential Significant Effect on Health Care Entities

Article PENSION REFORM UPDATE-Clarification Regarding Switch to Defined Contribution Plans by California Public Employers

Article New 2015 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans

Article IRS Releases New Guidance on Application of Windsor to Qualified Retirement Plans

Video Taxation of Employer Provided Automobiles - Baby You Can Drive My Car

PDF Webinar Slides from February 27, 2014 - "Final Pay or Play Rules"

Article IRS Releases Guidance on Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Marriages

PDF Delay of Key Components Under Pay or Play – Now What?

PDF DOMA Is Dead - Now What?

Article Employers Must Comply with Exchange Notice Requirements by October 1, 2013: DOL Issues Model Notice and Updated COBRA Election Notice

PDF Comments on proposed regulations under Section 4980H

PDF Senior Care Employers Should Start Today to Prepare for Health Care Reform

PDF Health Care Reform Presentation on "Pay or Play" Rules

Article NEW 2013 IRS Limits for Retirement Plans

Article Property Rights and Environmental Initiatives for the Past Two Centuries

PDF Health Care Reform – What You Must Do This Year

Article IRS Town Hall Meeting on Definition of Government Agencies and Government Retirement Plans

PDF Governor’s Pension Reform Bill and Constitutional Amendment Proposed February 2, 2012

PDF Proposed Determination of Governmental Plan Status

PDF New IRS Proposal on What Is a Government Agency and Government Retirement Plan

Article IRS Announces COLAs to Qualified Plan Dollar Limits for 2012

Article New Rules on Cell Phones

PDF Keeping Your Health Care Flexible Spending Account or Health Care Reimbursement Plans Up-To-Date

PDF Health Care Reform W-2 Reporting Requirements

PDF Expanded Avenues for Plaintiffs Claims under ERISA

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