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Weed And The Workplace: California’s New Law Protecting Employee Cannabis Use

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Article Weed And The Workplace: California’s New Law Protecting Employee Cannabis Use

Article 2022 Mid-Year Labor & Employment Seminar On-Demand Video

Article U.S. Supreme Court Finds That Individual PAGA Claims Can Be Compelled To Arbitration

Article New Masking Guidance for California Employers

Article California Re-Issues 80 Hours of COVID-19 Sick Leave Mandates – SB 114

Article The 'Pokemon' Case – Court Upholds Termination Based on Unintentional In-Car Dash Cam Recording of Peace Officers Hunting a Snorlax

Article Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Requirements for COVID-19-Related Absences

Article New CDPH Recommendations and Revisions to Cal/OSHA's COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards in Effect on January 14

Article Additional Law Enforcement Reform Amendments, Expansions, and Changes Signed Into Law by Governor

Article U.S. Supreme Court Permits Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Program To Proceed Without Religious Exemption, But EEOC Continues the Exemption In Latest Guidance

Article California Signs Police Reform Legislation Into Law

Article CA Supreme Court Ruling on Meal and Rest Premium Pay Will Force Employers to Take Action

Article Third Time's A Charm: Cal/OSHA Standards Board Passes Revisions To Its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard After Two Aborted Attempts

Article Important Update to the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards

Article Labor & Employment Mid-Year Update for 2021

Article Cal/OSHA Passes Revisions to its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards

Article EEOC Issues May 28 Updated FAQs For Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

Article California Employers Face New COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave Requirement

Article California Supreme Court Prohibits Rounding for Meal Periods

Article San Francisco Court Declines to Halt Enforcement of Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard Regulations

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2021

Article Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Issues Updated Guidance for Employer COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

Article Cal/OSHA Issues FAQ Guidance Regarding Its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

Article Reconciling the Gig Economy in California: Changes to Worker Classification Laws Since AB 5

Article California's Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board Passes an Extensive COVID-19 Emergency Regulation Regarding The Spread Of COVID-19 In Workplaces

Article New California Employment Laws for 2021

Article Reviewing an ADA Case Involving a Ship, Ninth Circuit Puts Burden on Plaintiff to Show Removing Barrier is Readily Achievable

Article New California Family Rights Act: State Family Care and Medical Leave Expanded

Article New Bill Expands Cal/OSHA Enforcement Rules Over COVID-19 Related Illnesses For All Employers

Article California's New Supplemental COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Law

Article New York Federal District Judge Rejects Key Aspects of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

PDF Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Article California Issues New COVID-19 Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2020

Article Catching Up To California: The U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Title VII Protects Gay and Transgender Applicants and Employees

Article First Group of COVID-19 Cases Filed in California Federal and State Courts Includes Class and Individual Claims Brought On A Variety of Grounds

Article Ready to Return to Work? Perhaps Not – San Francisco Temporarily Expands Paid Leave for Employees Impacted by COVID-19

Article Employers Need to Check for Local COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Article Protecting Employees on the Front Lines: Interim Cal/OSHA Guidance for Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities

Article COVID-19: Top Ten Issues for Employers Considering Layoffs, Furloughs or Reduction in Hours

Article The CARES Act Increases Unemployment Compensation Coverage and the DOL Clarifies Exemptions to the FFCRA

Article CARES Loans Come With "Union Neutrality" Price Tag

Article Employer Notice: Families First Coronavirus Response Act Becomes Law

Article Labor & Employment Webinar: Coronavirus Key Issues for Employers

Article Notice to Employers: California WARN Act Notice Requirements Suspended

Article Employer’s Notification Requirements of Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Article What The California Supreme Court’s Kim v. Reins International California, Inc. Decision Tells Us About Settling PAGA Claims

Article California Employment Development Program Provisions Relating to COVID-19

Article H.R. 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Article COVID-19 Employer Requirements for Reporting & Recordkeeping Under California OSHA

Article COVID-19 Resource Center

Article Workplace Safety and COVID-19: California and Federal OSHA Issue Employer Guidelines

Article Frlekin v. Apple: Employees Must Be Compensated for Time Spent Undergoing Exit Searches

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2020

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2020

Article Website Accessibility Lawsuits Continue to Trend Up

Article New California Employment Laws for 2020

Article Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash Attempt a U-Turn on AB 5 via New Ballot Initiative

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2019

Article An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Jennifer Marie Martinez

Article Successor Employers Acquiring Unionized Workforces Benefit From NLRB Decision

Article California Court Rules That "Reporting Time Pay" Owed Even If Employees Are Not Required to Physically Report To Work

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2019

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2019

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2019

Article New California Employment Laws For 2019

Article Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks?

Article Employer Obligations Regarding Post-Offer Medical Examinations

Article California Legislature Clarifies Salary History Ban And Equal Pay Statute

Article California Supreme Court Rejects The Federal 'De Minimis' Doctrine, Ruling Instead That Employers Must Compensate For 'Minutes' Of Off-the-Clock Work

Article New FEHC National Origin Discrimination Regulations

Article Janus v. AFSCME: SCOTUS Rejects Mandatory Agency Fees For Public Sector Employees

Article Employers Win This Round: CA Court of Appeal Upholds Employer's Rounding Policy

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases And San Francisco's Parity In Pay Ordinance Effective July 1, 2018

Article NLRB General Counsel Provides Employer-Friendly Guidance on Work Rules

Article Good News For Employers: In the Aftermath of the SCOTUS Class Action Waiver Case, A Los Angeles County Superior Court Dismisses Class Claims and Orders Claims Brought Individually in Arbitration

Article California Appellate Court Provides Another Potential Defense To "Derivative" Wage Statement Claims

Article U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Class Action Waivers Do Not Violate The NLRA

Article New Test For Independent Contractors

Article Employers Cannot Rely On Prior Salary To Justify Wage Differential In Equal Pay Act Cases

Article Alvarado v. Dart Container Corporation Clarifies Overtime Calculation When Employees Earn Flat Sum Bonuses

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2018

Article IRS Extends Deadline for Providing Health Coverage Forms to Employees, But Not the IRS Filing Deadline

Article New Rules Would Expand Access to Association Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article NLRB Reverses Course On Joint Employer And Employee Handbook Standards

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2018

Article Reminder: Employers Face Liability For Sexual Harassment Committed By Non-Employees

Article On The Horizon: New California Employment Laws for 2018

Article Hiring Alert: Governor Signs New Laws Restricting Use of Criminal Histories And Prohibiting Salary Inquiries

PDF Labor and Employment Mid-Year Update for 2017

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases and Victims of Domestic Violence Notice Requirements Effective July 1, 2017

Article Gender Discrimination At The Forefront: New Transgender Identity And Expression Regulations And Court Guidance Regarding Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Article California Employers Must Comply With New Criminal History Regulations

Article The “Rest” Of The Story: California Supreme Court Clarifies The Obligation To Provide Rest Days To Employees

Article Court Affirms That Healthcare Employees Working 12+ Hour Shifts Can Waive One of Their Two Meal Periods

Article Give Me a (Paid) Break: Compensating Piece Rate and Commissioned Employees for Rest Breaks and Non-Productive Work Time

Article New Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirement For Local Agency Officials: FAQ & Compliance Tips

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2017

Article Your Background Check Documents May Be At Risk Under A New Ninth Circuit Ruling

Article California Supreme Court Confirms that Labor Code Section 226.7 and IWC Wage Order No. 4 Prohibits On-Duty and On-Call Rest Periods

Article Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2017

Article Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Blocking Immediate Implementation of New Federal Overtime Rules

Article Beginning January 22, 2017, Employers Must Begin Using Revised I-9 Form

Article How Will Legalizing Marijuana Affect California Employers?

Article New California and Federal Employment Laws for 2017

Article Federal Court Permanently Blocks DOL’s “Persuader” Rule

Article Palo Alto, Los Altos, and San Mateo Raise Minimum Wage

Article City of Berkeley Passes New Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance

Article After Almost 20 Years, The EEOC Has Issued New Guidelines On Retaliation

Article A Glimmer Of Hope For Employers In “Associational” Reasonable Accommodation Cases

Article Employers Scramble To Comply With New DOL Minimum Wage And Employee Polygraph Protection Act Posting Requirements

Article Effective Immediately! San Diego’s City Council Approves The Voter Passed Minimum Wage And Paid Sick Leave Ordinance… With A Few Important Modifications

Article McDonald’s On The Hook For Class Certification Of Wage And Hour Claims Under Ostensible Agency Theory

Article Federal Court Blocks DOL's "Persuader" Rule

Article Los Angeles and San Diego Join the Fray with New and Expanded Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Laws

Article Ninth Circuit Rules That Cash-In-Lieu Of Benefits Payments Must Be Included In Regular Rate Of Pay

Article New Law Should Limit Disability-Access Litigation in California

Article The Defend Trade Secrets Act Opens Federal Courts To Claims Of Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets

Article NLRB Continues To Eviscerate Workplace Civility Policies In New Handbook Decision

Article Two Rest Breaks Are Better Than One, According To A New California Appellate Court Decision

Article Is Your Online Business Accessible To Persons With Disabilities?

Article Employer Wellness Programs Face Challenges

Article Employers May Be Obligated To Provide Suitable Seating To Employees

Article Employers May Be Required To Provide Reasonable Accommodation To Employees "Associated" With Someone With A Disability

Article San Francisco Delivers New Paid Parental Leave

Article Expanded Reporting Obligations For Private Employers Under DOL's “Persuader” Final Rule

Article No Fooling: New FEHA Regulations Go Into Effect April 1, 2016

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2016

Article A Year In Review: Notable Cases And New Laws For California Employers in 2016

Article SB 358: California Employers Face Tough Equal Pay Law in 2016

Article SB 327 Renders Gerard v. Orange Coast Medical Center Moot

Article A Cloudy End-of-Summer For the Gig Economy: What Does the NLRB's Labor Day Gift Mean?

Article NLRB Imposes Broad New Joint Employer Standard

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2015

Article Significant Cases and New Laws for California Employers in 2015

Article PENSION REFORM UPDATE-Clarification Regarding Switch to Defined Contribution Plans by California Public Employers

Article Governor Signs New Paid Sick Leave Law: Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 [AB 1522]

PDF Labor and Employment Update for 2014

PDF Significant Cases and Laws for California Employers in 2014

PDF Disability Access Disclosed

Article Attack on Quick Service Restaurants - Escalating Campaign for Increased Minimum Wage and the Pending Fast Food Strike

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2013

PDF Significant National Labor Relations Board Decisions in December 2012

Article Careful With that Dress Code

Article NLRB's Notice Requirement Is Off The Wall

Article Employers Finally Get Practical Advice on Meal Periods and Rest Breaks

Article Ninth Circuit Narrows Computer Fraud and Abuse Act For Employers

PDF New California Labor Laws Create Additional Risks for Trucking and Delivery Companies

Article Labor and Employment Update for 2012

Article NLRB Guidance on Social Media

Article Another Nail in the NLRB's Notice Rule Coffin?

Article New Penalties For Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors

Article Last Chance Agreements

Article NLRB Requires Workplace Notice of Employees' NLRA Rights

Article Overtime for Non-California Residents

Article Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Protecting Intellectual Property

Article What Do You Need To Know About Wal-Mart v. Dukes?

Article On-Duty Employee Seating Poised To Be The New Class Action

Article 9th Circuit Revives Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Employers

Article No Class Actions for Arbitration Agreements?

PDF California Labor and Employment Law Developments for 2010

Article Important Supreme Court Decision on Disability Access Interpretation – Unruh Act Doesn't Require Intentional Discrimination

PDF What Employers Can Expect in 2009

Article A Hiring Tip That Can Keep You Out of Court

Article Splitting Up Meal Breaks: A Bad Idea

PDF Recent California Appellate Court Decision Offers Glimmer of Hope to Employers Attempting to Comply with Meal and Rest Period Requirements

PDF Lanier v. City of Woodburn

PDF Resident Employees Are Not Entitled To Be Paid For Time Spent On Call

PDF California Dreaming: 2008 ADA Amendments Make Federal Law More Like the Republic of California, Where Virtually Every Employee Can Claim a Disability

PDF What Is In Store For Employers In 2008?

PDF Legal Update: Common Wage and Hour Mistakes

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