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Coping with COPA – New San Francisco Law Requires Owners of Certain Apartment Buildings to Offer to Sell to Nonprofits

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Article Coping with COPA – New San Francisco Law Requires Owners of Certain Apartment Buildings to Offer to Sell to Nonprofits

Article New COPA Policy Now in Effect as of June 2, 2019

Article Court Strikes Down Alameda Impact Fees in Boatworks, LLC v. City of Alameda

Article San Francisco Nonprofits Granted Right of First Offer to Purchase Residential Buildings With Three or More Units

Article Newly Passed Measure Puts Pressure on Owners of Vacant Storefronts

Article Ninth Circuit Decision on Santa Monica Short-Term Rental Ordinance is Win for Cities, Defeat for Airbnb

Article San Francisco Supervisors Again Attempt to Limit Home, Apartment Sizes and Limit Demolitions

Article San Francisco's Off-Street Parking Requirements Eliminated for Good

Article San Francisco's Large Central South of Market Upzoning Finally To Take Effect In January

Article SB 50: As Housing Crisis Continues, Senator Weiner Announces Revised Upzoning Legislation

Article Capturing (San Francisco) Lightning in A SOMA Bottle

PDF Best Facade Forward

Article Repeal of Costa Hawkins Could Preclude Developers of New Buildings From Ever Selling Condominiums If Their Projects Have a Recorded Condominium Map But No Public Report

Article Central SOMA Rezoning Plan Goes Before SF Board of Supervisors For Approval For The First Time

Article SB 827 - State Senator Wiener's "Neutron Bomb" Law to Override Localities Limitations on New Housing

Article Up to Code

Article Three Important New Actions Taken By San Francisco Board of Supervisors To Control Medical and Recreational Cannabis Facilities

Article San Francisco Reworks its Program for Requiring Developers to Assist With Affordable Housing

Article San Francisco's Tree Ordinance: New Rules Helping Property Owners Taking Effect this July 1

Article New and Retroactive Seismic Improvement Requirements Affecting Older San Francisco Buildings: How Property Purchases and Refinancings May Be Affected

Article Amendments to the In Law Unit (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Law

Article Post-Recession Tentative Maps Not Yet Recorded: Will San Francisco Give Any More Extensions?

Article City To Allow Developers To Assist In Small Affordable Housing Site Acquisitions

Article Removal Of Housing Units (Legal Or Not) Becomes Even Harder In San Francisco

Article San Francisco Boosts Housing Inventory by Authorizing Infill "In-Law" Units Across the City For the First Time

Article Prop I May Shut Down Market Rate Housing in the Mission

Article Supervisor Campos Initiates Market Rate Housing Moratorium

Article Voters Approve the Mayor’s Ballot Initiative Calling for a Goal of 30,000 New Dwellings of which 30% Percent will be Affordable

Article Recent Local Anti-Speculation Tax – Although Defeated Last November, The Proposed Law Is Expected to Return In a Form More Likely to Pass

Article Board of Supervisors Enacts Tighter Chain Store Regulations after Two Years of Debate

Article Moratorium on Conversion of PDR Uses in Central SoMa Plan Area

Article What the Final New Airbnb Legislation Means for You, Your Tenants and Your Liabilities

Article New Law Seeks To Make Industrial Incubator Spaces Called “Small Enterprise Workspaces” More Attractive To Build

Article Proposed Ballot Initiative Measure Introduced by the Mayor Would Block Proposed Affordable "Housing Balance" Initiative Measure in Most of the City

Article A High Tax to Inhibit Quick Sales of Small Rental Properties

Article San Francisco Ballot Measure Proposes to Slow Down Development of Market Rate Housing When Not Enough Affordable Housing Is Being Built

Article If You Build It, They Will Come

Article San Francisco Board of Supervisors Considers Restricting Construction of Market Rate Housing in the Central City and SOMA When Not Enough Affordable Housing is Being Built

Article San Francisco Proposes Regulations for Airbnb and Similar Platforms

PDF Proposed Ordinance Will Require Ventilation System Installation for Many Projects in San Francisco’s SOMA District and Elsewhere Near Major Roadways

Article San Francisco Supervisors Make Major Changes to Housing Laws During the Most Recent Month

Article New SF Laws Affect Residential Apartment Building Owners

Article San Francisco Takes One More Step Toward An Almost Complete Ban of New Chain Stores (Formula Retail Stores)

Article Developers Handed Victory from California Supreme Court on City Inclusionary Housing Fees

Article Recent Court of Appeals Case May Give San Francisco Developers More Apartment Units Per Lot If Otherwise A Development is Not Feasible

Article As of June 1, 2013, Compliance Required for New Disabled Access Local Rules for Non-Residential Properties, Under San Francisco Administrative Code Section 38

Article CEQA Law Change: After Ten Years, San Francisco Permit Holders Do Not Have To Wait Until Construction Starts To Be Free of Appeals of Their Permits

Article Supreme Court's Koontz Ruling a Victory for Landowners

Article Changes Proposed to the Sale of Transferable Development Rights in San Francisco Will Open the Market Once Again

Article July 1, 2013 Is the Final Date to Take Advantage of a San Francisco Development Impact Fee Deferral Program

Article The City Has Decided that Projects Within the Pool of 375 Efficiency Dwelling Units To Be Approved Will Not Be Decided by Lottery

Article San Francisco Proposal May Expedite Development of Contaminated Properties - But the Devil is in the Details

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