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HCD Reviews Coastal Height Limits

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Article HCD Reviews Coastal Height Limits

Article City of Salinas' Ordinance Violates Federal Religious Land Use Protections Because it Treats Theaters and Places of Religious Assembly Differently

Article Old East Davis Decision Preserves the Deference Granted to Cities in Interpreting Subjective Standards

Article Army Corps Finalizes New Clean Water Act Nationwide Permits That May Benefit Infrastructure Projects

Article California Department of Justice Announces Housing Strike Force

Article 2021 Legislative Update #2: Additional Wins for Housing Advocates, Some Losses

Article 2021 Legislative Update: Housing Advocates Score Key Wins

Article AB 701 Continues the Recent Trend in California to Regulate Warehouse Distribution Centers

Article Housing Law Shows its Teeth: Another Win for Objective Standards

Article An In-Depth Look at the Oakland A's Proposed New Stadium Project

Article A Recent Ruling Involving Unlined Landfills Highlights the Pitfalls of Relying on Categorical Exemptions under CEQA

Article Stop Syar Expansion Decision Demonstrates the Uphill Battle for CEQA Plaintiffs

Article AB 819 Modernizes CEQA Guidelines to Promote Access to Project Information Online

Article California Court of Appeal Issues Rare Interpretation of Policy Designed to Mitigate the Effects of Coastal Erosion

Article Recent Court of Appeal Decision Confirms that CEQA Statutes of Limitations Cannot be Extended Without a Project Proponent’s Consent

Article A Draft Technical Advisory Offers Guidance on Streamlining CEQA Review for Sustainable Transportation

Article Court of Appeal Issues First Published Opinion Interpreting California Senate Bill 35 Streamlining Provisions

Article New State Guidelines Clarify When Leases of Local Agency-Owned Land are Subject to the Surplus Land Act

Article The End of the Line for Exclusionary Zoning: Berkeley Set to Make its Move

Article NEPA in the Ninth Circuit: A Rare Look at Impacts to Redwood Forests and "Downstream" Carbon Emissions

Article California Legislature Passes Bill to Maximize Creation of Public Transportation Infrastructure

Article Supreme Court of California Weighs In on Blanket Categorization of Well Construction Permit Approvals as Ministerial

Article Court of Appeal Clarifies Rules for Retaining Emails That are Included in CEQA Records

Article CEQ Final Rule for Federal Agencies Implementing NEPA

Article Opening the Golden Door: The Fourth District Shines a Light on CEQA Compliant Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Article CEQA Reform in the COVID Era? The California Senate Housing Production Package Moves Forward

Article Judicial Council Revises Its Deadline for Tolling Civil Statutes of Limitations, Including for CEQA Actions

Article Recent Recusal Cases Reveal Pitfalls for Land Use Practitioners

Article Project Approved Pursuant to SB 35 Streamlining Procedures Survives Court Challenge

Article California Superior Court's Application of SB 35 to Los Altos Development Project Provides Encouragement to Housing Proponents

Article Recent Changes to CEQA-Related Procedures from COVID-19

Article Construction of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly to Continue in Santa Clara County

Article Court Clarifies Mitigation Needs for Buried Artifacts, Plants, and Trees

Article Takings Challenge Against San Francisco’s Expedited Conversion Program Dismissed as Unripe

Article CEQA Update: No Change to Administrative Deadlines, Noticing, or Filing Requirements Following Governor Newsom's 'Stay at Home' Order

Article Governor Newsom’s 'Stay at Home' Order Allows Construction to Continue, but Many Cities and Counties are Banning Most Construction

Article Shelter-in-Place Implications for Bay Area Development Projects

Article Updates to CEQA Technical Advisories on Disaster Response and Housing

Article Coping with COPA – New San Francisco Law Requires Owners of Certain Apartment Buildings to Offer to Sell to Nonprofits

Article Court Strikes Down Alameda Impact Fees in Boatworks, LLC v. City of Alameda

Article SB 50: As Housing Crisis Continues, Senator Weiner Announces Revised Upzoning Legislation

PDF Best Facade Forward

Article Three Important New Actions Taken By San Francisco Board of Supervisors To Control Medical and Recreational Cannabis Facilities

Article San Francisco Reworks its Program for Requiring Developers to Assist With Affordable Housing

Article San Francisco's Tree Ordinance: New Rules Helping Property Owners Taking Effect this July 1

Article Amendments to the In Law Unit (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Law

Article Removal Of Housing Units (Legal Or Not) Becomes Even Harder In San Francisco

Article Prop I May Shut Down Market Rate Housing in the Mission

Article Moratorium on Conversion of PDR Uses in Central SoMa Plan Area

Article What the Final New Airbnb Legislation Means for You, Your Tenants and Your Liabilities

Article As of June 1, 2013, Compliance Required for New Disabled Access Local Rules for Non-Residential Properties, Under San Francisco Administrative Code Section 38

Article Supreme Court's Koontz Ruling a Victory for Landowners

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