Senior Housing and Care

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Update on California's Latest Extension of COVID-19 Tenant Protections

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Article Update on California's Latest Extension of COVID-19 Tenant Protections

Article CMS Updates Skilled Nursing Survey Process to Cover Mandatory Staff Vaccination Requirements

Article California Law Now Allows More Professionals to Qualify for the Infection Preventionist Role in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Article Skilled Nursing Facility Weekend Staffing Level and Staff Turnover Rates Made Public by CMS

Article New Law Requires Certification of Medical Directors in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Imposes New Reporting Requirements

Article California Privacy Rights Act – What's Next?

Article New Monetary Penalties for Some Skilled Nursing Transfers, Discharges, and Readmissions

Article California Legislation Extends Protections for Tenants Experiencing COVID-19-Related Financial Distress; Broadens Financial Assistance for Eligible Landlords and Tenants

Article California Extends COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium; Provides Financial Assistance for Eligible Landlords and Tenants

Article California’s Prohibition on Arbitration Agreements in Residential Leases is Extended to Continuing Care Contracts

Article Private Pay Assisted Living Providers Are Eligible for HHS Provider Relief Payments – But Only Briefly

Article New California and Federal Moratoria on Evictions Based on Non-payment

Article Senior Living Communities Eligible for PREP Act Protection

Article Judicial Council of California Votes to End Statewide Judicial Restrictions on Evictions

Article CDPH Requires all California Skilled Nursing Facilities to Submit 'COVID-19 Mitigation Plan' Creating New Documentation Concerns

Article CMS-Mandated COVID-19 Reporting Requirements and Enforcement Actions Coming for Skilled Nursing

Article Eviction Guidance for California Senior Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Article Protecting Employees on the Front Lines: Interim Cal/OSHA Guidance for Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities

Article COVID-19 Resource Center

PDF Webinar Materials: Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Strategies

Article Coronavirus Preparedness and Response for Senior Living Communities

Article Recent California Court of Appeal Decisions Highlight Importance of Process and Need for Signature of Authorized Individual to Secure Binding Arbitration Agreement

Article New Regulations for Binding Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements with Long-Term Care Residents

Article New Timing Requirements for Certain California Eviction Actions Take Effect September 1

Article Proposed Bill Would Increase Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facility Citations and Penalties

Article California Assisted Living Regulation Catches Up with Statute Regarding Evictions for Change of Use of Facility

Article Court Reinstates End of Life Option Act Pending Further Hearings

Article Is This The End of the End of Life Option Act?

Article New Rules Would Expand Access to Association Health Plans for Small Businesses

Article White Paper on Preparing For & Surviving The Class Action Tsunami Aimed At The Senior Housing & Care Industry

Article CMS Reverses Its Position Regarding Arbitration Agreements in Long-Term Care

Article Supreme Court Reiterates Arbitration Agreements Must Be Placed on Equal Footing with Other Contracts

PDF Medical Marijuana in Seniors Housing and Senior Care Communities

Article The Winn Case: A Game Changer for California's Senior Care & Housing Industry

PDF Is Your Insurance Coverage Adequate?

Article U.S. Department of Justice Announces Elder Justice Task Force

Article A Path to Independence with Individual Service Plans

Article New California Assisted Suicide Law Gives Senior Care Providers Limited Protection

Article Is Your Social Media in Compliance with Federal Fair Housing Law?

Article National Labor Relations Board Expands Joint Employer Standard: A Synopsis of the Ruling and Implications for Senior Living

Article New Enforcement Initiatives in Dementia Care Could Affect SNFs' Five-Star Rating

PDF Will Your Arbitration Agreements Comply?

PDF California Federal Court Invalidates Skilled Nursing Arbitration Restrictions in Patients’ Bill of Rights Act

PDF OIG Permits Senior Community’s Referral Fee Arrangement

PDF California to Require Licensure of Home Care

PDF CPR in Independent Living and Assisted Living Communities

PDF Senior Care Employers Should Start Today to Prepare for Health Care Reform

PDF Importance of Managing Rising Acuity Levels

PDF Legal Issues Associated with Volunteers

PDF Legal Implications of Music in Senior Housing

PDF Medical Expense Tax Deductions: A Guide for Senior Living Providers and Residents

PDF Smooth Transitions: Move-ins from a Marketing & Clinical Perspective

PDF Green Refinance Plus: A New Option for Senior Care Refinancing and Aquisitions

PDF Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

PDF Mandatory Reporting of Crimes, Enforcement Uncertainty

PDF Elder Justice Act: Mandatory Reporting of Crimes, Enforcement Uncertainty

PDF Enforcing Arbitration Agreements: California Supreme Court Expands Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements in Healthcare Context

PDF Court of Appeals Rules That SNF Cannot Respect Patient's Racial Preferences

PDF Questions Regarding 9-1-1 Calls

PDF Inspector General Rules CCRC Referral Fees Do Not Violate Anti-Kickback Laws

PDF Managing Employee Use of Social Media

PDF A Selective Review of the Intermediate Sanctions Temp. Regs. - Generally, Improved All Around

PDF Medicinal Marijuana in Senior Living: Complying at the Community Level

PDF Warning: Failure to Post Proper Smoke Exposure Signs Could Be Hazardous to Your Fiscal Health

PDF Jury Awards $12.5 Million Verdict

PDF Litigation Basics: What To Do When You Are Sued - Act

PDF Litigation Basics: Surviving the Dreaded Deposition

PDF New Employment Law for 2010

PDF House Rules

PDF Evictions and RCFES

PDF Handling Suspicious Behaviour

PDF Preventing Scams Aimed at Elders

PDF Pre-dispute Arbitration Agreements - An Imperfect Solution but Effective Nonetheless

PDF Annoying Deficiency Citations: The Leaky Roof and Other Stories

PDF “High” Levels of Care: Medicinal Marijuana in RCFES

PDF How to Keep Exempt Employees Exempt

PDF Medical Expense Deductions for Assisted Living Fees

PDF Fair Housing Compliance Guide - Charting the Way

PDF How to Preempt and Effectively Counteract Union Organizing Activities

PDF Special Employment Edition

PDF Locking Rooms of Memory Care Clients

PDF Moldy Green Oranges

PDF Key Tax Benefits for Seniors Housing Residents

PDF Creating Realistic Expectations

PDF Arbitration and Other Contractual Provisions Designed to Decrease Provider Liability

PDF Hospice Questions and Answers

PDF Resident Eviction - Managing the Challenges

PDF Smile, You're on Candid Camera

PDF Marketing Materials Can Bite You in Your ALF

PDF Site Visit Rights

PDF The Impact of Landlord Tenant Laws on Community Fees

PDF The ABCs of Deficiency Citations

PDF Intellectual Property Legal Checklist

PDF Legal Update: Common Wage and Hour Mistakes

PDF Decubitus Ulcers: Legal Update

PDF Resident Falls

PDF Residents Who Handle Their Own Medications

PDF "I Didn't Know That Was In The Regs"

PDF Motorized Carts

PDF Respite Care Issues

PDF Condominiums with Service: A Growing Trend

PDF Reappraisals, Wound Care and Dementia Plans of Operation

PDF Residents With Dementia Who Have No Legal Decision Makers

PDF Does Your Insurance Really Protect You Against Elder Abuse Claims?

PDF Defibrillator Use in Seniors Housing

PDF Food Service Not Subject to County Oversight

PDF Beware of Landlord-Tenant Restrictions on Your Service Program

PDF Sales and Marketing Tip - Legal Advice

PDF "It's Time for an Arbitration Check-Up"

PDF Fair Housing Compliance, A Guide for Senior Housing

PDF Fingerprint Issues and Resident Drivers

PDF Health and Safety Code Section 1569.47 - A Way to Get Help From Hospital Discharge Planners

PDF One on One Supervision

PDF Attorney Requests for Resident Records

PDF Insurance Coverage in an Insurance-Unfriendly World

PDF RCFE Admission Agreements Revisited

PDF Improving Your Odds in Elder Abuse Reporting

PDF Vicious Service Animals and Use of Human Models in Advertising Materials

PDF SNFs Must File HIPAA E-Health Care Transaction Compliance Plan

PDF The Intermediate Sanctions Regulations are Final - No More Excuses

PDF Dependence Day: Resident Care Needs in Independent Living

PDF Regulating Motorized Cart Use

PDF Contracts With Vendors

PDF Arbitration Clauses and Other Contract Protections

PDF Fair Housing for CCRCs

PDF Deeper Due Diligence in Property Acquisitions

PDF HIPAA and Assisted Living Facilities

PDF Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Trustees?

PDF HIPAA: An Introduction

PDF Resident Property Inventories

PDF Charging For Basic Services

PDF Legislature Expands Elder Abuse Reporting Obligations

PDF The Fair Housing Act: Americans with Disabilities Act - The Seniors Housing Compliance Guide

PDF The Fair Housing Zone - How to Use Fair Housing Laws to Secure Zoning Approval For Your Assisted Living

PDF Fair Housing Advertising: Some Simple Do's & Don'ts

PDF Developing Residence Agreements That Market Your Community (and Avoid Litigation)

PDF Seniors Housing and Care Facilities: Development, Business and Operations

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