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IRS Form 1099-K Payment Reporting Under California AB 5

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Article IRS Form 1099-K Payment Reporting Under California AB 5

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Article Highlights of the Republican Tax Plan, The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Article Supreme Court Clarifies Application of Procedural Requirements of Proposition 218 to Revenue Measures Adopted by Initiative

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Article When does a TIC Agreement Create a Partnership?

Article VIDEO: Section 1202 - Qualified Small Business Stock, A Recipe of 100% Gain Exclusion

Article FBAR Filing Fiascos Forthcoming? Blame Congress – Not the IRS

Article Taxpayers Must File FBARs By June 30, 2015

Article IRS Reminder: Foreign Account and Asset Reporting Deadlines are Fast Approaching

Article IRS Dirty Dozen - Increased Risks for Taxpayers with Undisclosed Overseas Accounts

Article Still Opportunities for S Corporation Elections to be Effective for 2014

Article Current California Property Tax Issues

Article Qualified Trades or Businesses for QSBS Defined

Article Foreign Accounts and FATCA

Video Unrelated Business Taxable Income Issues for Private Equity Investors

PDF New General Solicitation Rules for Private Placements Go Into Effect

Article IRS Releases Guidance on Tax Treatment of Same-Sex Marriages

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Article Will LLCs be Obsolete for Holding Real Estate?

Article California QSBS Resolution Afoot?

PDF 2013 Tax Issues

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PDF Splitting the "Difference"

PDF Estate Tax and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Law

PDF Estate and Transfer Tax Planning

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