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State Water Board Lacks Power to Curtail Pre-1914 Water Rights under Water Code, § 1052(a)

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Article State Water Board Lacks Power to Curtail Pre-1914 Water Rights under Water Code, § 1052(a)

Article The Biden Administration Proposes Changing the Water Quality Certification Review Process for Federally Permitted Projects

Article Inadequate Government Claims Act Notice Sinks Proposition 218 Water Rate Challenge

Article Army Corps Finalizes New Clean Water Act Nationwide Permits That May Benefit Infrastructure Projects

Article New Law Protects Water/Wastewater Sector by Limiting Rate Challenges

Article Ninth Circuit Upholds 'Significant Nexus' Test for Federal Permitting of Wetlands Projects

Article Court of Appeal Finds Overlying Correlative Rights Do Not Have to Share Equally in Water Shortages

Article Supreme Court Rules Referendum Process Cannot Be Used to Challenge Water Rates

Article Court of Appeal Upholds State Board’s Broad Power to Regulate Riparian and Pre-1914 Appropriative Water Rights to Protect Threatened Fish

Article Uncertainty on Maui: How Will Functional Equivalence Work in the Real World?

Article Governor's Executive Order N-42-20 Restricts the Ability of Water Service Providers to Shut Off Water Service

Article New Federal Law Requires PFAS Users to Report to EPA

Article New PFAS Regulations Work Dramatic Changes to California's Drinking Water Supplies — With More Changes Likely to Follow

Article Applying for a Business License in 2020? You May Need to Consider Your Water Quality Impacts

Article Trump Administration's Clean Water Act Proposal Will Affect Many Developer and Public Agency Projects

Article Can Groundwater Permitting Affect the Public Trust?

Video How Do Tiered Water Rates Help Californians Save Water?

Article Practitioner Insights: Maui Groundwater Case Shows Government Retreat Is Bad for Everyone

Article Circuit Courts Extend Clean Water Act Liability to Discharging Treated Wastewater and Other Pollutants to Groundwater

Article California's First Appellate District Court Finds Reasonable Use Determination Requires Consideration of All Competing Water Users

Article The Supreme Court’s Clean Water Act Ruling Opens Floodgates To Future Litigation

Article Upcoming State Water Diversion Measurement and Reporting Deadlines

Article PFC Regulation Begins in California

Article State Water Board Proposes Water Conservation Regulation

Article Supreme Court to Hear "Waters of the United States" Argument this Fall

Article EPA Proposes to Narrow “Waters of the United States” Definition

Article SWRCB Issues Water Use Reporting Notice

Article Trump Administration Signals Intent to Roll Back Federal Jurisdiction over Wetlands and Intermittent Streams

Article Ninth Circuit: Changes in Water Flows Benefiting Fish Don’t Require SWRCB Permission

Video Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Video Water Rights for California Land Owners

Article DWR Provides Notice Of Proposed Emergency Regulatory Action for GSPs Under SGMA

Article California Supreme Court Upholds Pre-condemnation Entry and Testing Law with Addition of Jury Option

Article The DWR Releases Proposed Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations Under SGMA

Article Governor Issues New Water Conservation Order; SWRCB Proposes Water Conservation Emergency Regulation Amendments

Article State Water Board Reinstates Monthly Reporting Requirement on Diverters in Sacramento and San Joaquin River Watersheds

Article The DWR Releases Draft Regulations for the Management of Groundwater Basins Under SGMA

Article State Water Board Extends Emergency Water Conservation Regulation

Article State Water Board Adopts Water Use Reporting and Measurement Regulations

Article Drought State of Emergency: Mandatory Water Use Reduction Extended to October 2016

Article Responding to a Notice of Intent to Sue under the Industrial General Permit for Stormwater Discharges

Article The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Implementation Update

Article SWRCB Issues Curtailment Notice for Senior Water Rights

Article Supreme Court Leaves Ninth Circuit Permit Shield Ruling in Place

Article New Ruling: CDFW Notification Required For Water Diversions That Don’t Alter Streambed

Article SWRCB Issues Emergency Regulation and Governor Proposes Conservation Enforcement Legislation

Article SWRCB Issues Draft Regulations to Achieve 25% Water Use Reduction

Article Update: State Water Resources Control Board Releases Proposed Regulatory Framework to Implement the Drought Executive Order

Video VIDEO: 2015 SWRCB Emergency Regulations for Urban Water Conservation

Article Drought State of Emergency: Governor Brown Issues Executive Order Mandating 25 Percent Reduction of Urban Water Usage

Article State Water Resources Control Board Proposes to Continue and Add New Requirements to the Drought Emergency Water Conservation Regulations

Article State Water Resources Control Board Requires Additional Reporting by Riparian and Pre-1914 Water Right Owners

Article Gearing Up for the Continuing Drought Emergency

Video New Legislation That Will Impact Groundwater Management

Article Court Finds SWRCB has Jurisdiction over Pre-1914 Water Rights and Defines Forfeiture Standard

Video New Emergency Regulation for Water Conservation - The Mandatory Actions by Suppliers

Article Superior Court Finds Issuance of Well Drilling Permit for Groundwater Extraction is Subject to the Public Trust Doctrine

Article Sour Grapes: A Potential Prelude to Water Rights Curtailment

Video Procedural Requirements for Declaring Water Shortage Emergency and Adopting Water Use Restrictions

Article California Water Action Plan Finalized Amidst Historic Drought Conditions

Article Governor Brown Fast-Tracks Voluntary Water Transfers to Ease Drought Hardships on Agriculture

Article Clean Water Act

Article Court of Appeal Finds CEQA Does Not Apply To An Agency’s Declared Water Emergency

PDF Stock Water Rights on Federal Land

Article The California State Water Resources Control Board Issues Guidance For 2012 Water Diversion Measurements Requirements

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