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Surviving the Loss of Your Home

October 01, 2007

This article was written in response to the wildfires in South Lake Tahoe and Southern California in the Summer and Fall of 2007.

I lost my home in the 1991 Oakland firestorm. As such, my heart goes out to the residents of Southern California and South Lake Tahoe whose homes were damaged or destroyed, to the firefighters and others who have risked and are risking their lives, as well as to the community, which will also experience the aftermath of such a devastating experience. I also am an attorney who specializes in handling insurance claims for policyholders and had the stress and challenges of handling my own claim with my insurer, as well as assisting many other Oakland firestorm survivors in the handling of their claims.

Those whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the 2007 fires will face many challenges in the coming days and months — temporary shelter, replacement of necessary items, disruption of their lives caused by having to relocate, and the repair and rebuilding of their lives and homes. I would like to offer some professional as well as personal advice in the hope I can be of some assistance.

Likely none of you have read your homeowners insurance policies previously. I am embarrassed to say that I had not read mine prior to the Oakland firestorm and I am, as they say, in the business. Do not be surprised when you attempt to read your policies if you have difficulty understanding them, despite recitations and claims of being written in “plain English” or “easy to read” format. Please keep in mind that even professionals do not agree on every interpretation and no one is born with an innate understanding of insurance or how to pursue their personal insurance claim.

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