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Litigation Basics: What To Do When You Are Sued - Act

February 22, 2010

You hoped it would never happen. You did all you could to avoid it. But, despite all your efforts, one day you are served with lawsuit papers. What now?

Scream and curse? Turn around and go home? Pretend you never saw the papers or bury them at the bottom of your in-box? Doing any of these things would be understandable, but not smart. When you are served with a lawsuit against yourself as an individual or against your community, you need to take certain basic actions immediately to protect yourself and put your case in the best possible position to start off with a strong defense.

As an easy checklist for what to do when served with a lawsuit, remember to ACT -Alert Administration; Call the Carrier; Consult Counsel; Check for Contracts; Collect Documents and Things; and Take Stock of the Claims.

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