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Comparison of Integrated Project Delivery Agreements

March 19, 2010

The following materials analyze and compare these 3 form agreements, as well as the Hanson Bridgett Standard Basic IPD contract. The Hanson Bridgett form has evolved based on principles from the AIA/AIACC IPD Guide and Hanson Bridgett’s experience and involvement in actual IPD projects. The analysis provides a short narrative describing each contract form and then focuses on the key features of each agreement, and how each contract is structured. In addition, the attached spreadsheet compares how the 4 documents address the following key concepts:

  • How project decisions are made;
  • How and when the project target cost is set;
  • How compensation and incentives are structured;
  • How changes in the work and contingency are addressed;
  • Risk allocation, including insurance, indemnity, and limitation of liability;
  • Transparency and access to project documents and records; and
  • Dispute resolution procedures.

The specific terms, provisions and mechanics of an IPD agreement vary from project to project, and what is appropriate for one situation may not be appropriate for another. This paper and the attached spreadsheet are designed to highlight differences in approach, but are not intended to provide legal advice. Moreover, all of the contract forms require modification for use on a specific project, which should only be done with the assistance of qualified construction counsel with experience in IPD projects.

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