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Integrated Project Delivery: The Game Changer

April 26, 2012

Fragmented. Inefficient. Adversarial. Industry professionals agree that these three words accurately describe the current state of the commercial design and construction industry. In fact, a 2004 study conducted by Dr. Paul Teicholz showed that this industry was the only major industry that was less productive in 2004 than it was in 1964. Other industries, by contrast, had doubled their productivity. One reason was, and still is, that the systems used to manage construction projects have not kept pace with the increasingly complex structures and designs. Indeed, the industry has remained largely unchanged since the early twentieth century.

Fortunately, change is coming to the static commercial construction industry. Industry leaders are introducing dramatic improvements to project delivery methods. These changes are creating significant opportunities for owners to achieve higher levels of quality and to reduce costs by eliminating waste. The seminal shift is occurring through the use of Integrated Project Delivery or IPD. IPD employs methodologies that emphasize collaboration between multiple stakeholders to achieve the owner’s objectives. In fostering a team mentality, it stands wholly apart from the separation of design and construction and the adversarial relationships that epitomize traditionally delivered projects. The changes that IPD induces represent a paradigm shift from the currently prevailing methodologies, which many are coming to see as a bankrupt system.

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