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Integrated Project Delivery – A Prescription for an Ailing Industry

November 13, 2014

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) seeks to overcome many of the obstacles to efficiency on large construction
projects through alignment of goals and incentives among the project participants. Drawing on the insights of
‘Lean’ theory, studies of organisational behaviour, and experience with Building Information Modelling, this
article provides an accessible primer on IPD for construction industry professionals.


Increased collaboration is transforming the nature of project delivery. Driven by the need to eliminate waste,
improve creativity, effectively engage technology and deliver sustainable projects, project sponsors are
rethinking how projects are structured and managed. A leading solution, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD),
provides an economic and structural basis for high performance projects. IPD experience in the United
States and Canada has been very positive and this approach has begun to take a foothold internationally.
IPD complements other collaborative approaches, such as contractual partnering and project alliances and is
particularly useful in complex projects that require many project participants to be integrated into a virtual

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