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Corporate Responsibility

Thursday, April 2
5:30–8:00 PM

Explore the stories behind three companies that inspire their employees, investors, customers and suppliers by integrating social and environmental concerns into their business approach. Our expert panelists will share insights about the challenges and opportunities for companies that embrace sustainability and social responsibility.

Featured speakers:
Michael Hannigan — President and Co-founder, Give Something Back
Michelle Mann — Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Adobe Systems; Executive Director, Adobe Foundation
Stefan Mühle — General Manager, Orchard Hotel and Orchard Garden Hotel

Moderated by:
Teresa V. Pahl — Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

Location: Hanson Bridgett LLP
Conference Facilities
425 Market Street, 26th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Pre-registration is required.
Space is limited.

Admission is $45

Register Here

These events (and their attendees) may be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded by Hanson Bridgett LLP. By attending, you consent in perpetuity to any and all uses of your image, voice, or other participation in the event in any such recording.

Our forums are produced in collaboration with Luminesa, Inc.

Our Media Sponsor is Sustainable Industries

April issue of Sustainable Industries

Upcoming Hanson Bridgett Forums:
  May 7—Sustainable Products, Successful Companies. Explore the stories behind several sustainable products that meaningfully integrate social and environmental considerations into their approach. Our expert panelists will share insights about the challenges and opportunities for companies that apply a creative approach to responsible business. Hear about the earth-friendly cleaning products made by the "People Against Dirty" from Method Home, with Founder and Chief Greenskeeper, Eric Ryan. And learn how Numi Organic Tea and artisan products have risen to the top of the natural food industry—while balancing profits, people and the planet. HB Partner Scott Smith will moderate. To register, click here.
  June 4—Cleantech Investing. Clean technology is likely to be one of the few sectors that will see an increase in venture capital investment this year due to support from President Barack Obama’s administration, the stimulus package and increases in federal funding for cleantech initiatives. Venture investment reached a record $8.4 billion in 2008 despite the credit crisis and broadening recession. Our second annual Cleantech Investing forum will feature executives from the leading-edge firms, exploring the latest developments and emerging policies that will impact the industry. HB Partner Jonathan Storper will moderate. To register, click here.
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Green Building: The Real Impacts of the Stimulus Package

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the "Stimulus Package") was signed into law on February 17, 2009. Among its many ambitious goals, a targeted priority of the Stimulus Package is green building and energy efficiency measures. With the passage of the Stimulus Package, billions of dollars will be flowing from the federal government to fund the green building industry, including providing tax incentives, grants, and bonds. Energy is a major piece of the massive $787 billion package, totaling about $38 billion in government spending and about $20 billion in tax incentives over the next 10 years, according to estimates.

Hanson Bridgett attorneys Anita Zerounian, Yolanda Manzone, and Erin Bennett offer an overview of how the Stimulus Package will impact green building professionals.

Read more

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Partner Jonathan Storper has extensive experience counseling for profit and nonprofit entities and was recently quoted in The New York Times: "Historically, social and legal norms tended to recognize and treat for-profit and progressive social or environmental motivations and activities separately.  These lines have blurred and converged as the business world attempts to respond to the modern culture’s demand that businesses be good stewards of the environment and society.”  The article, "A Social Solution, Without Going the Nonprofit Route" appeared in the March 4, 2009 edition of The New York Times.
Four venture capital funds will present at Hanson Bridgett's Sustainable Investment Mixer on Monday, March 23, in San Francisco. The funds include Mindful Investors, Good Capital, Blue Horizon Equity, and DBL Investors. Join us to hear how these funds help companies achieve a "double bottom line" and the new opportunities that are developing in this area. This event is open to accredited investors and their advisors only. For more information, please email HB Partner Scott Smith at ssmith@hansonbridgett.com.

Hanson Bridgett will host "How Green Hotels Can Be More Profitable" on March 26 in San Francisco. Join us for this complimentary Greening Hotels in San Francisco breakfast seminar. For more information, click here.

HB Partners Teresa Pahl and Scott Smith will present at the Keiretsu Entrepreneur Funding Boot Camp on April 3 in San Francisco. This all day intensive program will teach you the ins and outs of the funding process from investors and experts who have successfully helped their clients navigate the funding process. For more information, click here.

Join us at Investors' Circle Spring Conference on April 19-21, in San Francisco. This year's conference is "Social Enterprise: Seizing Emergent Opportunities." Growing consumer awareness and the new administration priorities of transparency, full stakeholder accountability and personal responsibility are dramatically reforming the environment for social enterprise. For the past 17 years, Investors' Circle has been the oldest and largest national funding group devoted to socially and environmentally responsible business. Their Spring Conference offers investment opportunities, speakers, and interactive workshops to help you navigate a profitable and impactful course as the new era unfolds. Explore innovative ways to embed social metrics into deal and corporate structures. Hear from active investors and experts as they share their experience helping portfolio companies succeed in good times and bad. For more information, click here.

Hanson Bridgett is proud to support the 2009 Business Innovation Conversation Series by SF Works. This series brings business owners, authors and other thought leaders together to identify and promote business employment practices that help employees build their careers, assets and self-sufficiency, while boosting business competitiveness and success. For more information, click here.

Partner Jonathan Storper talks about launching a sustainability program for restaurant operators in Fast Casual magazine. For the full article "Seeing Green," click here.

Hanson Bridgett's Sacramento office is now a certified sustainable business. We've pledged to conserve energy and water, prevent pollution, reduce waste, and implement green building practices. Our San Francisco office was certified in 2008. For more information, click here.

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Open House

Learn about Presidio's groundbreaking MBA, MPA and Executive Certificate programs in Sustainable Management and get to know members of the Presidio sustainable business community. You'll hear from Presidio faculty members and Associate Dean Nicola Acutt, along with students and graduates, at Presidio's open house on Thursday, April 2 in San Francisco. For more information and to register, click here.
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"Green Entrepreneurship and LEED Jobs: Do We Really Need The Government?" Green-Buildings.com

"Friedman: Green must become the norm." Portland Business Journal

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"'Carbon tax' part of Palo Alto mayor's ambitious environmental agenda." MercuryNews.com

"Biodegradable water bottle introduced." Cleantech.com

"Method Earns Cradle to Cradle Certification for 20 Cleaning Products." GreenBiz.com

"Role of Corporate Boards in Sustainability Issues Is Growing." Social Funds

"Clean Energy Trends 2009." GreenBiz.com

"East meets West Coast." Sustainable Industries

"Bay Area Mayors Sign Sustainability Compact." Environmental Leader

"The Seven Pillars of a 'Green' Corporate Strategy." Environmental Leader

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  March 2009
16–18   Green California Summit and Exhibition—Sacramento, CA
17   Clean Tech Breakfast: Standing at the Edge of the Grid—Palo Alto, CA
24   Green:Net 09—San Francisco, CA
24   EcoTuesday SF—Revolution Foods—San Francisco, CA
24–25   Geothermal Innovation and Investment—San Francisco, CA
25   Integrated Project Delivery Seminar Series—San Francisco, CA
25–27   Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit—San Diego, CA
26   Greening Hotels in San Francisco: How Green Hotels Can Be More Profitable—San Francisco, CA
  April 2009
2   HB Sustainable Business Leadership Forum: Corporate Responsibility—San Francisco, CA
2   Leadership, Wisdom and Making a Difference—San Francisco, CA
3   Keiretsu Entrepreneur Funding Boot Camp—San Francisco, CA
16   Greening Your Office: Webinar by Sustainable Industries
19–21   Investors' Circle 2009 Spring Conference & Venture Fair—San Francisco, CA
  May 2009
1   Asia Society's "Scaling Up: From Green Buildings to Green Cities in the US and China"—San Francisco, CA
7   HB Sustainable Business Leadership Forum: Sustainable Products, Successful Companies—San Francisco, CA
7   Sustainable Industries Economic Forum—San Francisco, CA
14–15   Sustainability Manager Training—Cupertino, CA
17–19   Waste to Fuels Conference/Seminar—San Diego, CA
19–20   Greener by Design 2009 Conference—San Francisco, CA
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"California Considers Product Stewardship Bill."

"Bill Deadline Brings New Proposed Environmental Legislation."
California Progress Report


"Energy and Environment: Big Week on the Hill."
Washington Times

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Hanson Bridgett is a leading provider of legal services to organizations engaged in sustainable business.
Our clients, who range from large corporations to cutting edge start-ups and socially responsible investors, have selected us because we help them succeed and foster the growth of the sustainable business movement. Our attorneys provide legal advisory services and offer in-depth expertise in the areas of:

    Clean Technologies
    Green Building, Transportation and Smart Development
    Sustainable Products and Services
    Responsible Finance
    Corporate Responsibility and Governance
    Responsible Branding and Promotion
Teresa V. Pahl, Partner   Teresa V. Pahl
(415) 995-5079
Jonathan S. Storper, Partner   Jonathan S. Storper
(415) 995-5040
Scott C. Smith, Partner   Scott C. Smith
(415) 995-5892
Yolanda C. Manzone, Associate   Yolanda C. Manzone, LEED® AP
(415) 995-5120

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