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At Hanson Bridgett we want people to feel that we understand and care about their needs. We want them always to feel they are better off as a result of our interactions. We want people to feel as we do: engaged, empowered and eager to move ahead.

The way we approach our work and interact with each other shapes the way people think and feel about us. That’s why we’ve created these guiding principles.

Honor our differences, embrace
our shared potential.

Treat everyone equally
and celebrate our
unique backgrounds;
create connections
that promote positive
outcomes; take
responsibility for our mutual

Be true,
be truthful,
be truly

Treat your clients and
peers with honesty
and trust; be clear
and authentic in every
interaction; be the
genuine person you are.

Take care
of yourself;
give back

Stay fresh and balanced
by delving into life beyond
Hanson Bridgett; feel
the rewards of working to
make our communities
and our planet a better
place for all.

Leave others
wiser, more
and more

Be positive in your attitude
and proactive in your
work; share what you
know and what you