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An Interview with New Hanson Bridgett Partner, Liz Masson

March 28, 2019

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Liz's practice focuses on resolving tax, fiduciary, and other legal issues related to employee benefits for public and private employers. She advises employers and benefit plan sponsors about the health, retirement, and other benefits provided to their employees.

1. What made you choose Hanson Bridgett?

Two of my law school TAs – Steve Miller (who tried to teach me to write as a 1L) and Molly Kaban (who got me through Moot Court) – were partners at the firm when I was hired. Both of them raved about the firm's culture, diversity, and leadership – and they were right!

2. Besides law, what are some of your other passions? 

I know this sounds a little crazy, but I like spending time with my family and do a fair amount of traveling to make that happen. I also love to bake.

3. If you weren't practicing law, what do you see yourself doing?

Well, my childhood dream was to be a star running back in the NFL, but I never got that growth spurt I was hoping for! Seriously though, I think I'd be a winemaker or sommelier.

4. What is your proudest accomplishment as an attorney?

I wouldn't say that I have one defining moment – I'm most proud of my development as an attorney since joining the firm, especially in the area of client service.

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Masson

415-995-5106 Direct Phone
415-995-3593 Fax

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