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Women's Impact Network

digital mural featuring portraits of notable women

The Women's Impact Network (WIN) was founded in 2010. Its purpose is to augment our longstanding commitment to inclusion by identifying, elevating and retaining female talent.

Our commitment to inclusion by identifying, elevating and retaining female talent prompted the creation of the Women's Impact Network (WIN) in 2010. The WIN provides a collaborative environment where women thrive and unique professional opportunities are identified and pursued.

The success of these efforts is evidenced both by the number of female partners within the firm and the number of women holding management and C-suite positions: Our partnership is nearly 40% female and female attorneys make up nearly 50% of our ranks. The WIN offers workshops, events, mentoring programs, and a foundational approach to open, productive communication with both women and men, all of which is dedicated to cultivating and fostering the growth and development of our female attorneys and administrative professionals.

Recently, we partnered with Diversity Lab to implement the Mansfield Rule, a pilot program aimed at increasing the number of women and minority lawyers in leadership roles. We are among a collective of leading law firms participating in this trailblazing program. And because of our work and contributions, Seramount has named us as one of the Best Law Firms for Women since 2010.


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Samantha Wolff
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Ambra Jackson
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