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Artificial Intelligence: Legal Challenges and Emerging Solutions

March 19 | 1:30 PM - 6:15 PM PST

(Reception in San Francisco: 4:45 - 6:15 PM)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is witnessing unprecedented growth as it ushers in a transformative era for businesses and industries around the globe. Both private and public sector entities are rapidly progressing in the creation, development, deployment, and utilization of AI systems, technologies and capabilities, giving rise to unprecedented legal challenges and new ethical questions.

Hanson Bridget’s Artificial Intelligence Committee consists of an interdisciplinary team of lawyers that provides thought leadership on the legal challenges presented by AI and helps our clients manage and mitigate their risks as they adopt new AI technologies. Please join us for a seminar featuring attorneys from across our practice groups that will provide insight and guidance on a wide range of pressing legal issues related to AI.

Panel 1 - An Introduction to AI and Its Impact on the Law

Robert McFarlaneWhat Are People Talking About When They Talk About AI?
With ChatGPT, Dall-E, Open AI, Microsoft Copilot and autonomous AI-driven vehicles grabbing headlines on a daily basis, the basic foundations of Artificial Intelligence often get lost in the weeds. Rob McFarlane, chair of our Technology Practice and Co-Chair of our Intellectual Property Practice, will provide an introduction to AI, describe the basic concepts of machine learning and neural networks, demystify AI “hallucinations,” and explain why AI may not be so “intelligent” after all.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean For Intellectual Property?
AI engines are trained by devouring huge amounts of data, much of which is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and outputs text, images, and content that often fall outside the protection of existing intellectual property concepts because they lack a human creator. Rob McFarlane will explain how IP law applies to both the inputs and the outputs of AI, and the risks that companies should consider as they deploy IP solutions.

Warren HodgesHow are Law Firms Deploying AI to Better Serve Their Clients?
AI is making its way into standard legal tools such as LEXIS and Westlaw, and products are being developed to assist in the drafting of legal documents, to perform due diligence, and to streamline discovery processes in litigation. Warren Hodges, counsel in our Labor and Employment Group and co-chair of our AI Initiative, will highlight how Hanson Bridgett and other law firms are using innovative AI tools to better serve our clients.

Mert HowardHow Can Companies Deploying AI in Advanced and Autonomous Products Limit Their Liability?
With AI deeply imbedded in consumer products, drones, surgical equipment, manufacturing systems, and autonomous vehicles, companies that manufacture, program, sell, and deploy these products face complex liability issues. Mert Howard, chair of our Product Liability and Torts Practice Group, will examine product liability and tort issues created by AI systems and provide his insights on how companies can mitigate their risks.

Panel 2 - New Legal Horizons: Critical Legal Questions Raised by the Implementation of AI Systems

Diane Marie O'Malley

What Do Employers Need to Consider When AI Enters Their Human Resource Departments?
AI’s ability to cull resumes and job applications, to deploy facial recognition, and to operate in the background of many HR functions risks running afoul of laws protecting individuals from discrimination based on age, race, sex, national origin, and a myriad of state and federal laws. Diane Marie O’Malley, partner in our Labor and Employment Group, will provide guidance on the employment law issues raised by the use of AI in HR departments and will provide insight on how companies can use the new technologies without undue risk of legal exposure.

Batya Forsyth

What Does AI Mean For the Future of Privacy?
Realtime monitoring through closed-circuit video cameras, deepfakes that and look and sound like the humans they emulate, and AI models that can be expressly trained on sensitive and personal information, and that can “learn” protected personal information from disparate public sources pose a myriad of threats to individual privacy. Batya Forsyth, chair of our Litigation Section and our Privacy Practice Group, will identify the issues that virtually any business that has information regarding its customers, employees, or subjects must be aware of and will touch on basic steps companies should take to protect the data in their possession so as to minimize the risk of liability.

Bradford Hise

How Can Law Firms Use AI Ethically?
The use of AI in the legal field presents unique challenges to confidentiality and the attorney client privilege. And, while its proper use can greatly assist attorneys in providing cost-effective service to their clients, its misuse can undermine that service. Brad Hise, our General Counsel, will explain how existing and emerging rules of professional conduct govern how attorneys can—and just as importantly cannot—use AI systems in their practices.

MCLE Approval Pending

Hanson Bridgett LLP is an approved Minimum Continuing Legal Education provider (#2628). This activity is pending approval by the State Bar of California as a participatory activity for 2.5 hours of General credit and 0.5 hours of Ethics credit. To receive CLE credit you must sign in and out of the program electronically using QR codes or links that will be provided. Please sign in when prompted at the start of the program (or when you join), and sign out when it ends (or you leave) to obtain CLE credit.

Hanson Bridgett is hosting this event free of charge for our valued clients and friends of the firm. Pre-registration is required for all participants. The webinar will be streamed through your computer, so there is no dial-in number. Please make sure your computer speakers (or headset) are turned on and the volume is set to an audible level so you can hear the presenters.

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Robert McFarlane
Robert McFarlane
San Francisco, CA