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Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits
San Francisco

Christopher advises individuals and businesses on a range of tax planning and tax controversy matters at the federal, state, local, and international levels. He also serves as outside general counsel to a variety of companies, providing general corporate and related business guidance.

Christopher’s work on federal tax matters ranges from income tax controversies involving individuals and businesses to partnership structuring and corporate mergers and acquisitions. He regularly works with entrepreneurs and start-up companies, and is one of the leading practitioners on qualified small business stock and related section 1202 issues. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Bloomberg, and Business Insider on QSBS issues.

At the state level, in addition to income tax-related matters, Christopher counsels individuals and entities on issues involving California property and sales and use taxes. In the international context, he has extensive experience with voluntary disclosures and related planning matters, as well as in-bound and out-bound corporate structuring.

Christopher has published extensively, with articles appearing in Tax Notes, the California Business Law Practitioner, and Law360. He also is a frequent speaker on tax issues to audiences in the United States and abroad. Christopher is certified as a legal specialist in taxation law by the California Board of Legal Specialization.


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"Basics of Accounting for Lawyers 2021," Practicing Law Institute Webinar (July 2021)

"Paycheck Protection Program Round 2: Update," California Lawyers Association Webinar (January 2021)

"Top 10 Issues on Global Transfer Pricing in COVID-19 Times," co-presenter, Taxsutra & KNAV Webinar (June 2020)

"Unprecedented Times: Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Law Firm Going in the COVID-19 Crisis," California Lawyers Association Webinar (April 2020)

"Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock: Maximizing Tax Advantages of Gain Exclusion and Deferral," Strafford Webinar (February 2020)

"Equity Compensation for U.S. Taxpayers Living Abroad," AmCham Philippines' Financial Services and Taxes & Tariffs Committee Meeting (January 2020)

"Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments: Deferral and Exclusion Opportunities," The CPE Forum of the Central Coast (January 2020)

"IRC 1400Z Qualified Opportunity Zones for Individual Investors: Tax Deferral and Reduction Opportunities," co-speaker, Strafford Seminar (December 2019)

"Qualified Opportunity Funds: A Conversation on What You Need To Know," co-presenter, BPM LLP & Hanson Bridgett LLP Collaboration (February 2019)

"IRC 1400Z Qualified Opportunity Zones," presenter, Strafford Webinar (February 2019)

"Qualified Opportunity Fund," presenter, CalCPA Education Foundation (January 2019)

"U.S. Income Tax Compliance and Reporting," co-presenter, AMCHAM India (January 2019)

"Qualified Small Business Stock," presenter, CalCPA Education Foundation (December 2018)

"199A," presenter, Marcum Year-End Tax Seminar (November 2018)

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"Unrelated Business Taxable Income Issues for Private Equity Investors," Hanson Bridgett (February 2014)

"Employee v. Independent Contractor," "How the U.S. Tax System Works: IRS Employment Tax Audits," "Fringe Benefits for Autos and Other Vehicles," "Accident and Health Plans: Other Accident and Health Issues," "Cafeteria Plans & Educational Assistance Plans," WNDE Government Tax Seminar (December 2013)

"Foreign Account Reporting and the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Programs," CPE Forum of the Central Coast (September 2013)

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“Employee Benefits: Key Employer Issues 2013,” co-speaker, Hanson Bridgett Labor & Employment Seminar (January 2013)

"Understanding Key Tax Issues In Employment Cases," 2012 Employment Law CLE Conference, Colorado Bar Association (May 2012)

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"Could QSBS Save You Big in Taxes? How to Decide Whether it's Right for Your Business," They Got Acquired (May 2022)

"A Lavish Tax Dodge for the Ultrawealthy Is Easily Multiplied," New York Times (December 2021)

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"Tax Disclosures," Taiwan Business Topics (November 2016)

"That time Democrats created a massive tax break for the rich," Politico (October 2016)


Northern California Super Lawyers, Rising Stars (2013-2017)

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American College of Tax Counsel, Fellow

The Tax Adviser, Board Member


LL.M., Tax, New York University School of Law (2007)

J.D., University of San Francisco School of Law (2006)

M.A., Stanford University (1998)

B.A., cum laude, Middlebury College (1995)

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