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Overview of Services

At Hanson Bridgett, our lawyers have served as trusted advisors to dozens of government agencies, guiding them through major projects, controversial issues and ethical crises. With our 50 plus years of experience, we know how government agencies work and how to get projects completed.

We have handled many of the region’s major infrastructure projects, from seismic retrofits and multicounty sewage lines to water treatment plant upgrades and desalination plants. We have done extensive work in all parts of the state, assisting cities, counties and special districts with critical projects. Few, if any, law firms have our expertise in helping public officials manage potentially damaging or costly situations.

How Government Works

Government agencies operate under strict guidelines, are accountable to the public, and are subject to multiple layers of local, state and federal requirements. Completing a major project involves satisfying a host of conditions, from environmental clearances and public participation requirements to contract bidding and hiring mandates. We know the issues that will arise and can develop strategies now to address them.

In addition, we are well-versed with the many intangibles that are part of the government process, including the political landscape. Community concerns cannot be overlooked, and we know the value of notifying neighbors or carefully wording a public statement. We have not only the institutional knowledge, but also the longstanding professional experience and relationships with agency boards and staff to guide a project through quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruptions.


We have formed long-term partnerships with numerous government entities throughout California. Our client portfolio extends to every corner of the public sector, from cities and counties to transportation, water, fire, hospital and sanitation districts. We also represent joint powers authorities and associations of local governmental agencies.

In serving our clients, we always keep their costs in mind and operate efficiently in knowing what the law requires, how it’s enforced, and what to anticipate. We provide the full complement of services, among them advising clients on regulatory issues, negotiating contracts and leases and counseling them on major projects.

Areas of Expertise

Many of our lawyers serve as city attorneys and general counsel, focusing exclusively on representing municipal and public agency clients. When necessary, we are able to draw on the expertise of attorneys in other specialized practice areas.

Our lawyers are routinely called on for specific projects covering a range of areas, including labor and employment law, municipal finance, litigation, insurance coverage, environmental, real estate, and land use laws. We also have assisted with issues involving rate setting, government reorganization and complex procurements and contract negotiations.

In addition, we have experience in addressing issues distinct to certain agencies and the services they provide, such as transportation, water supply and solid waste management.

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Michael Conneran
Michael Conneran
Walnut Creek, CA
Municipal and Public Agency

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