Pamela S. Kaufmann


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San Francisco

Pam dedicates her practice to the representation of senior housing and care providers and tax-exempt organizations.

Pam's clients in the senior housing and care field look to her for advice regarding issues large and small from development, operations, risk management, and licensing to joint venturing, affiliations, mergers and acquisitions. Her intimate knowledge of clients’ operations and contracts, coupled with her extensive tax-exempt expertise, makes her a natural choice for borrower’s counsel whenever clients incur or modify the terms of their tax-exempt debt. Her clients in the industry include assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities, housing providers, hospices, home health agencies, adult day health centers and home care agencies.

Pam remains on the cutting edge of legal reforms and developments in the senior housing and care industry. She is currently a member on the LeadingAge California Board of Directors and is a former chair of the LeadingAge Legal Committee. She was an active member of the state committees that rewrote California’s continuing care laws and introduced "care at home" legislation, as well as numerous task forces that have addressed elder care issues. She frequently speaks before industry organizations and has contributed numerous articles to related trade publications.

Pam is also a nationally-recognized expert in the legal concerns of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. For more than 25 years, she has advised publicly-supported charities, private foundations, trade associations, self-insurance groups, title holding companies and other nonprofit entities on a host of start-up and operational issues. Her extensive experience spans the entire life cycle of a nonprofit organization.

Pam works with nonprofit clients to find the most streamlined way to achieve their goals through pragmatic decision making. Pam collaborates with clients to develop best practices for operations and governance. She also keeps abreast of developments in the nonprofit and tax-exempt arenas to help clients anticipate and respond to changes.

Pam is a popular speaker and regularly speaks before industry organizations such as LeadingAge, American Health Lawyers Association, Senior Living 100, Senior Living Business, LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon, LeadingAge Washington, the California Assisted Living Association (CALA), and the California Association for Health Facilities (CAHF) on issues including coping with economic challenges, innovations in senior care, care at home models, Medicaid divestitures, elder abuse, disability discrimination, fair housing advertising, corporate compliance, tax exemption challenges, social accountability, and corporate governance issues. She has contributed articles on these and other subjects to The Journal on Taxation, Taxation of Exempts, Tax Exempt Organization Tax Review, Spectrum Magazine, California Health Law News, and the legal newsletters published by LeadingAge, LeadingAge California and CALA.

Pam is committed to the use of plain English and advocates practical, cost-effective solutions to clients’ problems.


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"Quantifying Your Impact: Social Accountability," LeadingAge (January 2018)


Best Lawyers in America® (2009-2018)

San Francisco Non-Profit/ Charities Law "Lawyer of the Year," Best Lawyers® (2017)

Women in the Law Award for top peer-nominated lawyers, Best Lawyers® (2016)

Chambers and Partners USA, Healthcare

Top Rated Lawyers™ in Healthcare Law; Martindale-Hubbell® (2013)

Martindale-Hubbell AV Rating

Northern California Super Lawyers (2010-2012, 2017)

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LeadingAge California, Board of Directors Member

LeadingAge Legal Committee, former Chair


J.D., University of Virginia School of Law (1986)

B.A., with distinction in all subjects, Cornell University (1980)

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