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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

This group includes experienced attorneys from the requisite legal disciplines within the firm, who work together to strategize and create solutions for clients. Collectively, they bring the variety of skills and experience required to effective deal with the breadth of corporate governance issues clients face.

In today’s business environment, corporate governance spans a wide range of legal issues, from securities, ethics, and labor to benefits, criminal law, and more. This is why experience in corporate governance is as important as the law itself. Further, when issues are raised, they must be dealt with rapidly. Otherwise, the risk is high that the organization can be tainted and suffer a substantial cost with respect to numerous aspects of its business, including stock price, the ability to borrow, and the ability to attract and retain board members.

Our seasoned attorneys are fully prepared to address issues faced by publicly held, privately held, and non-profit organizations with the keen judgment that can only come from having worked extensively with these issues.


  • Financial disclosure
  • Insider dealing and ethical standards
  • Increased responsibilities of CEOs, CFOs, and audit committees
  • Increased responsibilities of attorneys and accountants
  • Whistleblower rules and codes of conduct for employees
  • Potential criminal liability
  • "Who is your lawyer?" – a serious issue with the new rules
  • Limits on employee benefits
  • Fiduciary responsibility

Representative Disciplines

  • Corporate and securities
  • General business
  • Ethics
  • White collar crime
  • Professional responsibility, including both law and accounting
  • Labor
  • Employee benefits law
  • Charitable and non-profit organizations
  • Litigation

Key Contacts

Teresa Pahl
Teresa Pahl
San Francisco, CA

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