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Hanson Bridgett delivers specialized expertise in appellate law.
Our Appellate attorneys promptly evaluate cases, identify the issues that will attract an appellate court’s attention, prepare accurate, thoughtful, and persuasive briefs, and deliver influential oral arguments. Our briefs and oral arguments not only convince the court that our client’s position is right, but often result in precedent for future cases. Hanson Bridgett’s Appellate lawyers provide the breadth of experience, talent, and recognized skill to handle even the most complex and challenging appeal. We handle appeals in all areas of civil law for a wide variety of clients and industries.

We know the appellate court system throughout California and beyond.
Our Appellate practice group maintains a stellar record of favorable results before the California Supreme Court and in every district of the California Court of Appeal. We also successfully handle cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and we have submitted briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court. Among appellate court judges, Hanson Bridgett’s Appellate practice has earned a reputation for the highest quality advocacy. In addition, the personal relationships our attorneys have forged over decades of practice and throughout the appellate community creates instant credibility when representing clients on appeal. We know the justices, and we understand how their past decisions and views are likely to impact rulings in individual cases. This, in turn, allows us to tailor our strategy and our briefs to maximize our clients’ chances of success.

We advise on every facet of appellate law and procedure.
Our team has successfully prosecuted and opposed petitions for certiorari, review, rehearing, mandamus, and other emergency relief. Our lawyers have briefed and argued important issues in nearly every major area of civil law and can address all aspects of an appeal. Clients with cases that present unsettled legal questions or issues of widespread importance are often well served by amicus briefs. We have prepared meaningful amicus briefs and regularly coordinate successful amicus campaigns for our clients.

Preparation for an appeal begins at the onset of litigation.
Our Appellate attorneys are skilled at preserving issues during trial and preparing cases for appeal. We routinely consult with trial teams from the inception of the dispute, through pre-trial, trial, and post-trial motion practice. In this way, as trial lawyers are putting on their best case before the judge and jury, we are helping them build their trial record for the best possible results on appeal.

In addition to being excellent counselors, we are practical.
Our Appellate lawyers do not get overly caught up in legal arguments that can become so erudite that common sense or real-world pragmatism goes by the wayside. We understand the goals of our clients without overreaching, and never lose sight of the fact that we represent real people and entities facing tangible and serious consequences. We keep this in mind in everything we do, and strive to advance arguments that are not only inspiring, but also grounded in practical realities.


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Gary A. Watt
Gary Watt
San Francisco, CA

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Pollock v. Superior Court of Los Angeles

On July 31, 2023, the 2nd Appellate District issued its decision in Pollock v. Superior Court of Los Angeles holding that, unlike a response to a production demand, a document production does not have to be verified

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Business Litigation
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Hanson Bridgett Secures CA Supreme Court Win for Aera Energy

August 28, 2023 (San Francisco, CA) – On August 3, 2023, the California Supreme Court issued its opinion in Chevron, et al. v. County of Monterey, et al. in which the Court unanimously affirmed the prior Sixth District Court of Appeal and Monterey Superior Court decisions finding that Monterey County Measure Z is preempted by superior state law and is invalid. A team from Hanson Bridgett represented Aera Energy LLC in this case.

Environmental Law
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Recent SCOTUS Opinions on Arbitration Statutes

Gary Watt and Patrick Burns discuss the recent United States Supreme Court opinions in arbitration cases and how these opinions will impact arbitration going forward.


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