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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable growth, ushering in a transformative era for businesses and industries around the globe. Both private and public sector entities are rapidly progressing in the creation, development, deployment, and utilization of AI systems, technologies and capabilities, giving rise to unprecedented legal challenges and new ethical questions. Hanson Bridgett has remained at the forefront of this rapid evolution, consistently providing clients with comprehensive insights, research, and counsel to navigate this emerging and ever-evolving legal landscape. 

In March of 2023, we formally established an AI Task Force to leverage AI tools to efficiently serve client needs and continue our pursuit of innovative legal strategies for our clients. 

Leveraging AI Tools

Our task force is working to harness the rapidly expanding real-world applications of AI. We have long used machine learning, but as AI products proliferate in the legal practice, AI will be increasingly critical to solving problems and providing solutions that benefit clients. Hanson Bridgett has met with several vendors and is actively working to partner with highly qualified teams to invest in the future of legal AI. While some firms and corporations have begun using AI tools, we are taking a deliberate approach to ensure that our partnerships and investments of resources are of the outstanding quality our clients expect. We recognize that AI will change client expectations about the quality and efficiency of attorney work product, and we continue to be proactive in the face of this new technology.

Advising Our Clients

Our task force also assembles a highly skilled, interdisciplinary team of lawyers to provide thought leadership on the legal challenges presented by AI and to help our clients manage and mitigate the risks as they adopt new AI technologies. Our cross-sectional team includes professionals from various practice areas, encompassing the following: 

  • Intellectual Property
  • Privacy, Data Security and Governance
  • Product Liability & Torts
  • Corporate
  • Labor & Employment
  • Business Litigation
  • Ethics and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Our proactive establishment of the AI task force marks a pivotal commitment to navigating the complex intersection of AI and the legal landscape. By assembling a proficient, cross-disciplinary team, we are not only positioned to harness the benefits of AI but to effectively guide clients through associated legal intricacies. Our strategic approach, characterized by thorough research, tactical partnerships, and a commitment to exceptional quality, reflects a dedication to meeting evolving client expectations in an era where AI is reshaping the standards of legal practice. This approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of the transformative AI landscape, providing clients with innovative solutions and effectively managing risks associated with this rapidly evolving technology.

We welcome media inquiries and opportunities for interviews, Q&A sessions, and collaborative discussions to share insights from our AI task force, showcasing our commitment to transparency, knowledge-sharing, and contributing to the broader dialogue on the intersection of AI and the legal profession.

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Robert McFarlane
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