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A Day in the Life: Professional Staff

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Working Here

Our people make us who we are - people like you.

As a member of our professional staff, you’ll have a seat at the table and the opportunity to bring your perspective into the work we do. You’ll work with an array of diverse and interesting attorneys and other professional staff, but you’ll also have freedom to solve problems creatively, using the unique talents that only you bring. This range of perspective fosters an open-minded, supportive environment that ultimately benefits our people, clients, and the communities in which we work. Because without you, we wouldn’t be here, making an impact and leading the way in the legal landscape.

More Than Just Coworkers

  • Collaborate with other teams and work with people across the firm—no silos here!
  • Solve problems creatively in an environment that values diversity of perspectives
  • Build relationships that last and allow you to grow and learn

Building Community Through Employee Resource Groups

  • Get involved in our efforts to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our values and mission
  • Share unique perspectives and experiences with others across the organization through our many volunteer-led specialized groups
  • Get involved, meet new people, and establish long-lasting relationships

State of the Art Technology

  • Newest available software and systems enhance delivery of legal services and increase client satisfaction
  • Creates streamlined and improved efficiency of marketing and business development
  • We stay up-to-date and on top in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace
  • Adds value to clients in new and compelling ways

For More Information

Erika Hattenhauer
Erika Hattenhauer
Director of Talent, Engagement & Compliance
Walnut Creek, CA