Government Ethics

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Government Ethics
California state capitol building
Government Ethics
Joan Cassman

Hanson Bridgett is committed to fostering the highest standards of professional ethics in California's public institutions. Recognizing that we can best achieve this mission by educating public servants to increase their sensitivity to ethical issues, the government ethics practice group offers services that include training programs and sound controls that nurture a culture in which clients can prevent or identify problems before they become front page headlines.

However, when public institutions are charged with ethical wrongdoing they confront three major challenges: determining the facts, developing a plan of correction, and restoring public confidence. Hanson Bridgett's government ethics practice group brings the experience and commitment necessary to help clients meet these challenges.

The public scrutiny that accompanies investigations of alleged official misconduct often creates an air of suspicion and defensiveness that hampers best efforts at fact-finding and problem-solving. Our skill in conducting effective, independent investigations provides the means by which clients can reclaim control of their institutions and regain public trust. We work quickly and professionally to clarify the facts and focus on solutions. Our approach facilitates open communications and thorough review. In the wake of a breakdown, perceived or otherwise, clients can rely on our investigative skills to clear the air.

Our talented attorneys have vast experience in many areas of law where ethics are often drawn into question, such as:

  • Procurement and contracting
  • Financial policies such as reserve requirements and rate setting
  • Conflict of interest
  • Election law and campaign contributions
  • Brown Act and open meeting requirements
  • Labor and employment issues (whistle-blower protection, confidentiality)
  • Accessibility and non-discrimination requirements
  • Advocacy and government relations

When a company or public agency seeks to prevent ethical dilemmas or to resolve ethical crises that arise, Hanson Bridgett's seasoned advisors can readily assist. With deep expertise in representing public agencies, combined with experience serving in elected office, the attorneys of the government ethics practice group are prepared to guide clients to lead with integrity.