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Public Revenue: Rates, Fees and Charges

Public Revenue: Rates, Fees and Charges

Proposition 13, 218, 26, and related ballot propositions and state laws significantly constrain California public agencies' ability to raise revenues. These laws limit property tax rates, require voter approval of general and special taxes, and impose procedural and substantive limitations on approving and collecting rates and charges even for essential public services.

Our attorneys advise cities and special districts on revenue matters associated with the adoption, levy, and defense of taxes, assessments, fees, and charges. We consult with clients during the ratemaking process to assist with compliance with Proposition 218, 26, and related Constitutional and state law requirements. We provide advice and counsel regarding existing rates, and assist with litigation if taxes, rates, fees, or charges are challenged in court. We have a particular focus on water and wastewater fees and charges.

In addition to advising on taxes and fees, our attorneys have experiencing financing a broad array of projects, including water and sewer system improvements, utility projects, affordable housing, and wetlands and open space preservation. We assist with State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans, act as issuer's counsel for bond funding, and work on formation of assessment districts and various other financial structures.

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